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have received 3 comments (so far) at my first attempt at blogging.. and yes, while i know that such things are best alive when on and working regularly.. one can but say that one will try..

which brings me to the update on the 'world is mad' philosophy..
as can be seen, the fact that the world is mad is one that has not escaped too many people.. not that i thought it was unique.. it was just that not too many people have come to terms with it yet.
why do i say so ?

its simple.. people are still trying to 'make sense of it all' – so to speak..

how does the human mind make sense of any event that happens on earth ?
it rationalizes.
how do we rationalize ?
we impose order on events and see if they make any sense at all.
radical ?
but do we do it?
yes again.

a case in point being physics.
as a prof of mine has said.. why were the theories of physics contemplated.. and then modified to explain anomalies ?
bcos physics is simply a way for our idle minds to try to explain how the universe works.
it is not the explanation of how it works. it's our rationalization for the method.
lost me?

bite on that while i try to apply such theoretical concepts to treat humans..


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