the first post to the web log of SEV


hmm.. interesting.. what does one write on a blog that probably going to be read by no-one..

ideally, one would like to be a mega-star.. whose words are being awaited by zillions of people..
but that's not the case.

sad is not the word.

i've decided to start off on a philosophical note.

when one realizes the world is mad, the mysteries of life stand explained.'

make any sense ?
think about it. the people around us. the world as we know it.
no other word for it all.
possibly i am re-treading ground that has been covered by innumerable people before.. but then remember the all pervasive truth.

consider the facts of my life if you will.. i love english, literature, music, movies(agreed the last two are prettty common), the chaos theory, thinking about the structure of the universe, computers(again a pretty common thing), technology related to computers, human resource mangement, event organization..
the list goes on.

and what am i studying ?
medical imaging. master's course.
and on the side – chaos theory untamed/the complete father brown.
as i said before… crazy
will add more, once i've finished mastering the finer points of radiotherapy.



5 thoughts on “the first post to the web log of SEV

  1. Anisha

    you have joined the blogger clan. beautiful. these things are fun if you have the time and energy to fill them out often. i read more (this is deteriorating as the semester rolls out and i sink into my own escapades and miseries) of these than i write (well, i’ve never owned a blogger, for obvious reasons).
    and really, the world IS mad.

  2. Shiladitya

    the world is mad, true. by stating so, we all should also be, inherently, mad. and maybe we are, in fact, we all tend to have our own perspective of what is sane – what we learn, grow to understand, and entrust our beliefs in.

    that was all the philosophy i can write for now. in the materialistic view of the mad universe, i see myself draw many parallels from what satish is trying to say – passion for computers and technology, physics, mathematics (i dare say, people who know of my academic record will vehemently contradict this), astronomy, nanotechnology, chaos theory, etc. its all there, thoughts that are eccentric and yet sublime. i love every step of the way that life gives me to explore each of these and various directions a mind can flow in.

    yet, pulling myself lower still, the ground realities break in – engineering, electronics, mumbai univ., kts, drudgery in every direction. chaos. and yet, there is order. life will find a way.

    its all in the game.

  3. Joey B

    your theory is simplistic in it’s reasoning, but most absolute truths are… who is really say what is sane and what is mad. who makes the rules and the guidlines that we use to say one thing is sane and one thing is mad. What is the rule makers were mad and what we consider mad is really sane????

  4. SEV

    as pointed out this is a simplistic theory..

    my point behind writing it is to slowly develop it into something big..
    obviously comments will help, but as the main page sez.. MY theories of life..(i know egomaniacal!)

    one never knows what can come out of a person reading comics while deciphering an image transform..

    all i can say is wait and see..

    besides the best things in life are simple.. 😉

  5. Sadist

    did you feel sad when no-buddy left you comments?


    Reply: they did actually… including you. i couldn’t port them over thats all 😛

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