the relevation of a conspiracy


[if nothing else to keep with the grand tradition of 5 blogs]

the nature of God was seen.. but that was an example for the point that i am trying to illustrate.
the nature of man’s thinking.

once again i am re-treading ground.. but again.. i am re-treading towards the path of understanding.
that’s what they all say.
if you take something as common as hope.. as common as anticipation.
as common as want.
what does man do?

he simply forgets that in order to achieve something, he must do something about it.
or vis-a-vis, he only does something about it.
a key factor called faith is missing.
from the immortal pages of ‘the alchemist’, one has the words.. i paraphrase..

‘when one wants something more than anything else in the universe, the universe conspires to get it for him.’

read it again.
it didn’t make sense to me too.
but then, i decided to blindly follow.
and it worked. like a charm.
i will add some words to the above: when one wants something more than anything else in the universe, he will do anything to get it as well.
but he must keep the faith.
why ?
why does one breathe ? because one must.
a similar answer : because one must.

try it.
scott adams, in his book ‘the dilbert future’ ( a book i highly recommend.. its completely different from all his other books), refers to something similar: we’ve both arrived at the same conclusion. he arrived at his by turning the universe on its head, i reached mine by reading a book.
it doesn’t make sense. i know. it goes against all the logical(!) analysis i’ve done so far. i know.
its crazy.
at last. at last.

craziness. that’s the key. it actually explains most things.
but its not an end to the discussion.
its a beginning.

reached the end of my day though..



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