the shift in thinking


hmmm.. in succession we've examined the nature of the universe, the nature of man's existence and finally the nature of some of the reasons that that man still exists..

these have all been done in part.. agreed..
however we have reached a point in analysis, where we cannot go any further due to the simplest of reasons:
lack of data.

no data means no further analysis is possible.
in our case however, its not a matter of NO data.. its more a matter of there not being enough data to analyse for us.

why do i stop ? why is it that i do not simply gather the required data?
because the data is not exactly visible to us right now.
at least its not visible to me. too much chaos.

possibly a break on topic will allow some change in the thinking that we are using. or at least an enhancement in it.
[that long prologue was basically to allow me to change the topic]

we're now gonna talk about the nature of man's thinking.
for example, the concept of GOD.
i am no atheist.. i do believe in the existence of a higher power and all that..
however i do not believe that that higher power is the all-powerful being that we think he is.
it's my opinion.. you are entitled to yours.
the reason i think of him this way is because of the inconsistency of his nature, so to speak.
every religion says that it's path is the one true path to attainment of God, self et al
what is the truth? is there really only one God?
is his nature different from different perspectives ? (e.g. the blind men describing an elephant)
why does he let so many religions say the same things basically.. and still allow humans to kill one another over their differing paths ?
why is it that we all don't get everything we want?

questions.. questions..
a simple answer: because he chooses to.
a simpler answer: he does not exist.
i personally go for the simple answer.
why ?

my answer (it is a little complex).. it's based on the fable of how God carries us in times of trouble and walks with us at other times.
to me, this made a lot of sense..
to me this said only one thing: God is a friend.
and friends help you in times of need.. are just with you at other times..
but they can't do everything that you want. not because they cannot do it.. more probably because they're not able to.
besides, its only when you do something that God can help you. he can't kick start it.. but he can give that little push needed when you require it.

gettit ?
chew on that.. i'll go get something to chew on too..



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