what really does matter ?


hmm… yet another facet was revealed.. frustration.

ideally speaking, man should never really get frustrated.
it doesn’t make sense.
man is designed to be one of the ultimately evolved creatures of the planet; with a thinking ability that is yet to be matched by any artificial device. add mobility and flexibility to that; and you have one pretty amazing peice of equipment.

then “why do i get so frustrated all the time?”

simple. potential.
have any of us really acheived our potential ? have any of us really plunged into the depths of our consciousness and discovered our true selves ? have any of us really tapped our true greatness ?

a few have actually managed to reach some level of acheivement, but if you ask me, they are capable of so much more.
sure, scoff. scorn.
but think about it.

i’m not saying we’re not trying. from the way i see the world today only two things come to mind.
either the people are not trying enough or they’re not trying correctly.

judgemental ?
i don’t think so. for you see, i am not condemning them.
analyse yourself. have you really tapped your potential today ?

people have fallen into the rut of following a particular routine and then “sticking” with it, so to speak. all the time. they never think of trying anything different.
these are the people not trying enough.
other people are trying. and trying enough. BUT they’re not trying in the direction they should be going. a direction where they could have done so much better.
[ i myself am a case in point. refer my first post..
and hence i do not condemn ;-)]
these people are not trying correctly.

but this latter point is not strong enough. after all, if it’s only a direction in which they could have done better; then what reason is there is say that they won’t do well in their chosen space ? as in now ?

again i’m not saying they won’t do well currently. i’m only saying that these people should never forget the direction that they didn’t take.
the path not taken, so to speak.
that goes to prove one thing.

frustration arises due to a person unable to figure out what to do on his chosen path.
but then a person has made a choice about the path. and once a choice is made, there is nothing for it but to back it all the way.
but only if the choice was completely thought through.
once regret/rethinking enters the picture, you’re only going to get frustrated.
and so not realise your true potential.

the human is a completely anomalous person. probably one that will never really be explained. we can try.
and thus realise ourselves.

so… go figure !
yourself. each other.

[p.s. thank you for the comments so far.. some questions were asked.. esp in the first blog. i have replied where necessary and appropriate.
pls do leave ur website/blog so i can reciprocate..]


4 thoughts on “what really does matter ?

  1. Erkenbrand

    well the words of a stricken soul arise not from his worries but from the worries that others have put on him…makes sense?…well if it does u are wierd…of course its not supposed to make sense…stop whining tatya…not at all like u…yes i know…u will think who is this perverted soul who makes light of your misery and your search for the ultimate panacea…by now i guess my language would have sorted out the problem…yes its me erkenbrand…hows that:”ideally speaking, man should never really get frustrated.
    it doesn’t make sense.
    man is designed to be one of the ultimately evolved creatures of the planet; with a thinking ability that is yet to be matched by any artificial device. add mobility and flexibility to that; and you have one pretty amazing peice of equipment.”(sic)…a)man is not designed…he evolved from among other beings…b)ur wrong there are many people i know whose thinking ability is not only matched but sometimes exceeded by artificial devices…c)man is still evolving…i like to pretend this is my idea…but its not…people like to live their lives…they are supposed to LIVE it…not try to unearth a reason as to why they are in it…u had no choice..oh no im not a fatalist…i mean u had no choice over being a human…so accept it…u have failings…u chose a path…u may not like it…nothing stops u from changing it except feeble social barriers…in our cases our parents are shelling out a hefty sum of moolah…so we think we are stuck…but are we…isnt there even one beautiful thing in life…and dont ask me wots beautiful…live for it…as for the path i didnt take…oh yes it might have been more beautiful…so?…give up all i have worked for just like that?…and be blessed u havent lived up to all your potential..shows us that u are just as human and falliable as us..i know age old “rationalization” – a measure of pettiness and ignorance…i know logic isnt life…but its the best linear mapping to our thoughts…
    i dont want to swamp u at once with my idle thoughts..but frankly tatya a smile plz…
    take care dude :)…and i am sorry i was unable to reply for so long.

  2. Enigma

    i like comments to be short and sweet, that way, they can still be comments and not monologues and soliloquies…he he
    frustration i think is rooted in dissatisfaction and discontent, at oneself and at everything else. If man was satisfied, he wouldnt struggle to excel…to change or to evolve? I may be reaching too much, but i think it is this permanent thirst for something more and the driving force of not being able to achieve it (from which also arises frustration) that actually leads “man” to do better the next time.
    each goal achieved only leads on to the next frutrating target…one that seems smaller and more distant…
    isnt everything in life a loop?

  3. Grace

    dude,negativity is the root of all frustrations…its a simple principle like a TURING machine…how i react to a situation depends on my state of mind then-how open i m to acceptance…how one reacts in one situation with one frame of mind may be completely different from the way one reacts with another frame of mind…THINK ABOUT IT…experience talks here…

    secondly,i disagree there is anything like an incorrect direction…we make our choices…if we r doing sumthing we dont like,its because we want to do it,even if we are unhappy abt it…no one’s pointing a rifle at anyone…
    i wouldnt say i havent tried to explore the mysteries of human existence myself…again,i would like to tell SATISH that our views of the madness, craziness etc depend on wat we r going thru at the moment…if u ask me to comment on “frustration” in my moments of ecstasy,i wouldnt giv d same answer as when i feel like killing myself…
    dude satish,it would be nice to read ur views on sum of the positive things in life that too need sum exploring…

    mail me ur views
    wud like to know wat u think

  4. SEV

    people have mistaken my blog to be condemning the point on choice.
    i am not.
    it is more a point i tried to make that few people try to follow their dreams.. but more on this in a future blog.
    no condemnation meant. only a fact pointed out.

    and as always, i guess the truth hurts.
    and i guess that everyone at some level or another has made this choice.


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