another reason why things don't seem to matter..


hmmm.. the last blog was just a little overtly negative/frustrated, BUT there were reasons it was posted.

one of the simplest was to understand what drives the human. what makes up his psyche.
and so, onto the other reason that i realised that a person might get frustrated.
lack of that 'something'.

when one really doesn't know what the hell to do.. when one wants something more than anything else in the world.
and can't get it.
sound familiar ?

how many times has one got frustrated because the one thing that one wants is just not there?
one is unable to anything about it. one lives with it. and hence frustration increases.
and so, the feelings of negativity.
[i admit : this was a point that came to mind after a comment that was made on the earlier post]
“why can't i get it?” “am i not good enough ?” “will i ever get it?”
simple questions. to which the mind devises incredibly complex answers.
incredibly complex negative answers.

the only problem with negativity is that its a feeling that cannot be 'taken care of'.
but then one cannot live with it either.
living with it causes a simple law of 'negativity begets negativity' coming into effect.
sadly, there is very little one can do once this phase comes on. and it happens before you know it.
nothing works. at least nothing works as a permanent fixture.
but this is where that 'spirit of man' [also referred to in another comment] comes into play. he just cannot rest in satisfaction.
neither can he rest in frustration.
ironic isn't it ?

at this point, the human mind really asserts it's superiority [a point i stick to].
it goes into overdrive to devise solutions. to fix the problem.
to get that something.
he may not succeed. not immediately. not in a long period of time.
but not 'not ever'.
and if nothing else, the mind is able to throw off that feeling.
and that's how we progress..
but we don't realise this.. the fact of the matter is that unless we've actually done this, we don't even know what the hell this is referring to.

crazy ? refer back to the first post..



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