something that does matter..


hmm.. noticed another trend that has crept in over the last 4 posts – the word ‘matter’ in the title of the blog.

then again, does it matter ?
once again i will refer to a previous post to elaborate..
its a curious co-incidence that this one blog recieved some backlash and yet is the founding ground for more speculation.
goes to show that one should always ask.. every once in a while.. ‘what really matters?’

enough of that.
i left a point completely incomplete.. which was a point on which 3 people said that i was wrong in my theory.
the point regarding the path not taken.
to me, this is ‘long’ for one word.

how many of us live our dreams ? how many of us decide to follow our dreams ?
how many do something about it ?
a definite minority. i assure you.
but dreams matter. not because they are visions our subconscious throws up during our snoring away to glory.
but because they represent our potential.
that point again.
following our dreams is a way of realising our true potential. everyone does well in the field that they truly love.
but so few actually do that for their life.
and yes, i am a prime example of this category.

‘To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.’

and so this blog was started.
i am not saying that was the sole motivation. it was one of many.
but i have done it. and it helps.
thats all i have to say on the topic.
go. go do something about those dreams. turn them into reality.
that they are virtual is not ok, that they may be virtual reality is.

who knows what dreams may come ?
who knows what creations are possible ?
who knows what you can achieve ?



One thought on “something that does matter..

  1. Enigma

    you are beginning to sound more and more like some of those bad motivational speakers, on seeing whom i change the channel.
    valid thoughts all, but i think the time has come for a slight modification in the line of focus
    shoot straight,

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