a point of non-matter


hmm.. dreams…

what does that one word bring to mind ?
not sleep.(!)

something that the world is sorely lacking.
the days gone by… (sigh!)
when a piece of pink cloth was enough to transform one into superman.
when a chair could be faster than schumi's ferrari.
when a piece of string could enthrall one for hours.
the fertile imagination of a child is probably the world's most amazing playground.
better than disney's theme parks.
streets better than a 10cm x 3 cm piece of electronics that plays music.
miles better than a 15″ screen on a 2″ box containing equipment unimaginable a century ago.

imaginable. that word again.
i have already said that the spirit of man is what allows him to progress. especially in the face of adversity.
add to that – a mind unafraid to cross boundaries.
imagine. one word. which can convey so much.
or so little.

'the matrix' had an important concept. very hidden.
break free.
the world is bound by laws and rules. supermen are those who cannot see them. rather know how to manipulate them to uses not recognized.

i am not telling you to go jump off a window. that's impractical.
i am telling you to design a jet-propelled flying kit.
and yet.. one must recognize that imagination is closely linked to two.. things.. let us say..
'thinking' &…
the crazier the imagination, the more amazing the idea.
the better the idea, the more thinking is going to go into figuring it out.
and weirdly enough, the more chance that a crazier idea is going to supersede it just as fast.

could it be that people harnessing their potential are those who dare to dream ? rather, dare to dream big crazy things ?
doesn't make sense.
yet it's true.
yet again, the point of the matter arises. unless one recognizes the inherent nature of craziness in thinking, one can never actually 'go crazy' thinking.

think about it.
i'll go think on imaging devices..


One thought on “a point of non-matter

  1. Enigma

    looking at it from a slightly different perspective, i hold on to the opinion of not being able to “imagine” anything that is different from all the data your brain has collected in the life you have lived till that moment. A clearer explanation of that statement is that anything our mind’s eye fabricates has to be based on parts or wholes of what we have already seen and stored: including abstraction.
    so what is “imagine” if not “image-and you are in it”
    what says?
    jet, set, gotta go!

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