hmm.. another point brought to my notice.. a tendency to preach in the last few posts..

you really can't blame me.. it's the most natural tendency that a person has. especially if he/she wants a better world.
as i do.
but that's gonna change too.. i'm going back to the basics..
namely.. creativity & craziness.. my style !
and that reminds me.. this post has so far been about nothing.

nix. nada. zilch.
diddly squat. 😉
but yet there is something here.. the fact that you are reading something means that there is some entity existing here that you can see.
what is nothing defined as ?

  1. Not any (material or immaterial) thing; nought
  2. No part, share, or quantity of a thing; no aspect, evidence, or quality of a thing or person.
  3. Not anything, or anybody, of importance, significance, value, or concern; something or somebody of no importance, etc. Freq. in it's nothing: used as a polite response to an apology or an expression of thanks. Chiefly in predicative use.

(from the Oxford English Dictionary)

what's the sum total of all this ?
that 'nothing' means that there's nothing there. that there is a lack of something.
by the same logic, 'something' is the abscence of 'nothing'.
funny, how we define these words.. and use them so often.

sure, you can argue that it's the meaning that matters.. but do you really understand the meaning of the phrase 'the absence of nothing' ?
we've already said that this means that there is 'something'.
but there is an alternate possibility.
that we cannot define.
because to see that alternate, one has to see it. test it. experience it.
hence changing the equation by being there. it automatically becomes 'something'.
and hence it is never possible to define that alternate in any manner.

confused yet ?

what is the point of all this ?



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