reality – what was that again ?


hmmm.. once one has considered what 'nothing' is.. one has to consider the other end of the spectrum.
after all, it is only when one knows 'something' that one can know 'nothing'.

what is 'reality' ?
there have been so many definitions that one really can't be sure anymore.
you have the definition given in the matrix, where reality is a simulation.
you have the version i touched on, where mental energy is 'flitting' through multiverses, each in a slightly different state.
you have.. rationale.
and yet.. irrationality.
it exists at every turn. at every minute. in every one of us.
but we can't define it.

simply due to the same reason that 'nothing' really can't be defined as anything better than the 'non-existence of something'. one is able to successfully define something that one is able to observe externally – the scientists' impartial viewpoint.
one can but try.. to use that word i've used before – imagine.

there could be this: reality that we see is nothing but our subconscious rationalizing for some abstract concepts that it has stored. basically, when we are sleeping, we are actually in reality.
there could be: reality is what we make it. whatever it is that we think of, gets translated into reality. we consider this to be our 'efforts'.
there could be this too: the matrix is true.. after all senses are nothing but finely tuned electrical impulses which can easily be inputted externally. it may be aliens that are doing this too.
and yet.. all these explanations don't really explain concepts such as feelings. instincts.

could it be that this one thing that is not explained is nothing but the system compensating for all the rules and laws that have been built in ?
naaah.. doesn't make sense.
re-try: irrationality is itself reality. we just can't recognize it, and hence we sideline it by calling it something that is impossible.

because the mind never considers the 'impossible' option in any problem.
it's a possibility.
why is it that my mind really cannot think of possible alternates to reality ?
i know that conspiracy is forming a major reason in this post, but it's almost as if one has to be restricted to a certain knowledge alone, so that the actuality is never determined.
and hence the potential.
and thus the person.

it is long observed in science that that less that 10% of the human brain is used in his lifetime. and memory does not form a major part either.
then why ?
for all its discoveries, science has never managed to explain how to 'unlock' the brain.
but then science is based on rules & laws.
and remember, the only way to discover is to bend, if not break, these natural laws.
yet again – how ?

there is another point to the whole matter. the 'impartial observer' one. how can one observe 'non-reality' ? is it possible to isolate the observer from the observed environment ? will he not affect the 'non-reality' and make it 'reality' ?

is this my brain's natural tendency of rationalization expressing itself ?

you got me there.
but i'm working on it.
and this blog is revealing more everyday.
so.. get real !



3 thoughts on “reality – what was that again ?

  1. Bubba

    Nice site. Hey you got me on this matter thing. Ok my idea is reality is only what matter can be comprehended by ones own thought. There is only one truth and that is what we comprhend is truth. Goverenment ever telling people the whole truth ,,, never. as is said in a movie we can’t handle the truth. You have some very interesting ideas. Keep it up.

  2. Gerry

    I invite you to consider the everything/nothing conundrum if you will.

    Then you might like to consider the question “Does the act of observing reality chnge reality?”

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