beauty.. i believe?


hmmm.. the one week mark has passed by and i barely noticed.


do not worry. i do not intend to bore the rest of this blog away on the topic of life.

it's a cold autumn day here where i am. the sun is not yet at it's peak. it's probably nine hours into the day. the sunlight can be seen through the baring branches. leaves are strewn everywhere, and more fall even as i walk over their former neighbours.
the smell of the morning lingers in the air, the neighbouring field is green as the cat's eyes. a dog bounds joyfully, happy in his freedom. the sunlight grows momentarily as the clouds part their cover. even as the rays illuminate, the dog seems to gain strength. its a blur of movement now.

its looking like a beautiful day.

the puddles from yesterday's late night drizzle haven't cleared up, and they reflect the light in ways i cannot describe. nature is asserting herself in green, gold and blue today; and one cannot “stand and stare.”
one can observe; and hope that others can too.

but observations have to be done at the speed of the walk; and so these scenes are momentary snaps taken; faster than the movement of one's head.
i pass all this.. and wend my way to my college; and the drudgery of my masters course.
a long day of practicals, coursework and studies pass.. and one finally leaves late.. there are a couple of hours until the day ends..

the same path.. in the moonlight.
the world seems dark, forbidding, even ugly.
the bare branches are now arms reaching out.. and the leaves – dry now – make it seem like all the monsters of 'buffy the vampire slayer' are chasing me.
and then the field.. of dreams..

it looks different. the moonlight illuminates it in all its starkness; and manages to give it beauty.
the beauty that was present in the morning has all but disappeared.
it is replaced by this ethereal place that causes feelings of repulsion and attraction at the same time.
one wants to stay and yet.. one is scared by what may happen if one does.

a dark starlit night sky looms above, and you realise what a particle you are in the mighty ocean of the universe.
[but such an important particle, that there's no-one else to be you now.]

but that is scary too. there are so many of us all.. so very many.. do i really matter ?
to many people, the point of all this is lost. the world is such an amazing place that one cannot find a replacement.

and yet one tries.
why ?
because of the colours of the night.

and yet, the night is what causes the day to seem unreal. and vice versa.
get real !



One thought on “beauty.. i believe?

  1. Bubba

    Wow. I do mean wow. Your gift for writing is beyond my scope. The mental images you left me with just fill me with wonder as to how the words and feelings flow from you to these pages.

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