conundrum # [god knows what]


hmmm… it all seems so simple when we write it down..
and yet some of the topics are actually quite mind-straining.

at least they are for me, when i think about them.. and try to figure them out.
that's what is so puzzling.. do things really become simple or complex ? are there really concepts that are more difficult to comprehend than others ?

it's such an ambiguous word.
and yet, we can very rarely explain everything that we comprehend.
there is a theory that says that the universe tends to get more simple.
now define 'simple'.
and anyway, who ever said that the world is incredibly complex in the first place ?

'ah, he's slipped up.' – i'm guessing that's what you are thinking right now.
the world is complex. else why would we be trying to explain it ?
my only explanation is that the world is essentially simple. its our minds that have managed to complicate it.
we look for patterns where they may be none. we devise theories and solutions to problems that essentially do not exist anywhere except in our brain.
we've all gone completely crazy !
now that's a simple explanation.

and it's something that we deny ourselves. and something that's probably the reason for all the 'progress' that we've made in the last hundred years or so.
but it just may be true..
this is where one applies a 'what is more likely test' (again – from scott adams)
what is more likely ? that the universe is this place that requires improvement, and that our meddling is allowing it to get better ?
or that we have just got to concentrate on exploring; and try to stop improving nature ? to stop trying to prove that we are superior ?
you tell me.

to me, it doesn't make sense. for every matter in which we've progressed, we've managed to destroy something.
and we don't realise it.

i do not say stop progress. that's not possible for man.
i do say stop complicating everything so damn much !

make sense ?
no ? well.. we've done it again !


4 thoughts on “conundrum # [god knows what]

  1. Anon

    Ur right! we humans have an incorrigible tendency to complicate the simplest things in life…We have become so accustomed to the idea of fighting the waves for the most mundane task, that we cannot believe in a silent stream flowing past us…We still have a lot to learn…We need to believe in the beauty encircling us and ignore the dark shadows that we cast for ourselves(again,our perspective)…We still have to master the art of looking through the prism of simplicity…cheerz…

  2. BD

    Simplicity is a consequence of understanding. Universe is supposed to be simple…that is what drives us to answer questions relating to the mysteries of the universe one by one.

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