me, you and them..


hmmm.. i have mentioned before how this earth is possibly the world's largest multiverse..
i have also mentioned how amazing it is that this multiverse is one in which every single element is connected.

to me that boggles the mind.
think about it.
we pass one another everyday.. we nod/greet people all the time..
and yet we never wonder..
that person you nodded to today morning might have been on their way to their promotion.
or for that matter, their rejection.
the man that you pass on your way home; may be wondering why he is living.
the lady at the bus stop might be wondering what her baby girl is doing at playschool.
at this point you might be thinking – 'what is the point of telling me stuff i don't want to know ? who the hell cares what other people are doing/thinking ?'
et al.
but therein lies my wonderment.

that man might be an acquaintance of your closest friend.
that lady's elder son might be going to school with your brother.
that person might have gone to school with..[prepare yourself].. your dad's best friend's nephew's cousin's mom.

i have a vague concept of 'six degrees of separation' coming to mind.. this was something that said that every human on earth is separated from another by a maximum of six degrees of separation. as in upto six people can fall between one person and another; such that the two people can find a connection.
gettit ?

[this was illustrated in 'pay it forward'.. in a very vague manner.]
now to the point of all this.. we humans might be separated from one another by six degrees; and yet..
that could be six thousand miles for the way that we live our lives.
we are getting completely isolated from one another.
think about it.

it doesn't matter that another is a fellow human, it matters that we have to know them in some way.
we don't have to swear eternal love for the people on the street; but we must at least acknowledge that they exist.

it's a feature i think.. unique to humans.. we live like islands in a sea of life..
you never know.. those people you notice everyday out of the corner of your eye; may need someone to acknowledge them; rather than swear friendship forever.
you don't even know when you may need it !


3 thoughts on “me, you and them..

  1. cleolove

    I love the ‘pay it forward’ theory, I’ve been living it since long before the movie. I honor those who loved me by loving the way they did. I give away what they gave me, freely, to whom ever the universe places in front of me that needs it.

    We just don’t know who’s life we change. A simple word, a smile, a gesture to a total stranger can change their whole life. Every action we takes matters. The little ones the most.

    Its beautiful .. and I know that my love ripples through the world, whether I hear about it or not.

    Peace & Love 🙂

  2. Sabah

    A concept all of us are aware of-but very few take it seriously…most of our worlds are mechanical and the working principle- I,me and myself…

    But i m glad i have come across a lot of people who still believe in selfless existence…One eg is a friend who calls up 3 people daily and makes them feel special by telling them they are thought of…sometimes that is wat matters the most…

    I believe in a slightly different concept…i believe each one of us is gifted with a special power…each one of us is a superhero in a unique way…all that remains is to discover this gift and use it for others…

    Life is tooo short to live it for ourselves…Each time you make a difference to someone’s life,u ll meet YOU in a diffrent light…and life will seem a lil more beautiful…

  3. xTayx

    You don’t know me but i was searching through some blogs, and what you said has intrigued me. You’re right, a smile to someone that might be getting fired or getting a promotion. I just wanted to let ya know you got me thinking.

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