'real'ity ? yeah. right.


hmmm… something's not quite right..i'm feeling surreal..

what is real ?
this looks like the rehash of a previous post.. maybe it is.
but it probably isn't.

i have already tried to explain what is meant by reality..
and failed miserably.

this is a very different concept: what is real ?
is anything that is happening in the world today real ? is anything actually happening ?
do these things that we call feelings, emotions and instincts really exist ?
is love for real ?

questions.. questions..
but it doesn't end there. today for some reason i am questioning the reasons for existence.
and coming up empty.
the world is not feeling right to me today. it feels like all this is just a dream; nothing really exists, nothing really happens. weird.
how can one explain the problems in the world ?

man is supposed to be one of the pinnacles of evolution. then why is world seeming worse off today than it has in a few millennia ?
why do we live the way we do ? must we really behave like society has no meaning ? like our life doesn't make a difference to the universe ? do our lives make any real difference ?
[i know i've been saying something that's completely different; but, now and then, one can't help but ask.]

how do we all live together on one planet and yet not feel one another? or even connect in anyway? or for that matter, feel ourselves ? how is it that we react in a certain way to certain events; and then land it at the door of emotion ? do we really 'feel' emotions ? what are they ?
do they matter ?

currently nothing makes sense.. reasons.. motivations.. anything. it all feels surreal; like it's not happening.
and yet it is.
i've been pinching myself since the dawn of today; and feeling the pain. but yet just not feeling like events are happening. like lives are changing.
like anything is making sense to you right now..
i really can't think of a way to end this post..

update @ 11:00PM

you live. you die. you do some stuff in between. this is life.
'one has a choice', it is said; about what one can do and cannot do.

do you really 'choose' what you want to do ? society, family, peers.. these are the factors that we have when we make our choices. we do not choose.
how do you know that your choice is actually your choice ? how do you know that what you are doing is not pre-ordained to be done by you ? how do you know that it's all meant to be done by you. it's possible that someone has already decided all this; and the circumstances that have helped you make your 'decision', were just made to happen.

it's all a mirage; and such a real one.. that at this point it all seems false. atleast it does to me.
is this it ? is this all that there is to life ?
'live life. enjoy. be happy. stay cool.'

why ?
what tells us that this is the only way and that there is no other ? why do we do whatever it is that we do ?

why do we do anything at all ?



6 thoughts on “'real'ity ? yeah. right.

  1. Enigma

    what the heck?
    questioning reality already? surreality even?
    i just realised something”
    surreal is actually a question – “sure” its “real” ?
    or is it an explanation – “SURE” its “real” !
    just to say that i was back to replying to blogs!

    jet,set, gotta go!

  2. Anon

    Depends on you…ur thinking…
    u cant LIVE if u start questioning UR EXISTENCE…Ever heard of an inner voice??? i believe in it…it tells u to hold back if intuition tells u will stumble…
    Rest of it,life is a risk,a gamble…if everything was simple enough to either b destined or havin ur way,it wouldnt b life…every situation is an obstacle…how u tackle it makes life adventurous…
    If this is the attitude u r gonna have,u ll only b EXISTING, not LIVING…i dont say dont comtemplate on wat life means n stuff,but stop being pessimistic coz that only makes things complicated…

  3. cleolove

    I can really relate to feeling this way. I had all the same questions. Why, why, why. What is real, what is true? How do I figure it all out?

    Somewhere along the line I realized that my only job was to determine what was “real” in me, and in doing that, completely, everyone else started to make sense.

    It’s a beautiful journey, indeed. I hope you find the answers you seek.

  4. Akshay

    I feel like all the time dude. Come to think most people do. Questioning reality and who we are is a good exercise . Clears up a lot of thing in your head..
    I liked some your concepts..

    Nice blog by the way..
    I’ll be back.
    btw wishing you a happy diwali.

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