hmmm.. interestingly enough the nature of thoughts that the mind throws is completely wacky. as is this one. of all things.

that caused a shudder down your spine. it’s naturally human to do that.
it’s a pavlovian response to do that is more like it.
we’ve managed to romanticize death and yet demonize it. given the impression that it’s the worst thing on earth; and yet so many of us, at one point or another, think that it’s the best.

and each time i say death; you give a shudder. mentally at least. but you remain fascinated.
they call it a morbid fascination.
but do we really die ? do we become ghosts ? do we ascend to the heavens or hells – if they do really exist ? does the soul really go back to that ‘one true light’ ?
what happens ?

i know that no-one can really tell me a straightforward, cold, unromantic, unbiased answer. coz well, when you die, you remain dead. can’t really come back and tell me what happens.
but it’s something that i’ve been wondering about.
one cannot really say that ghosts do not exist. not even science has been able to explain the phenomena that are associated with them. or it.
one is unable to comment on the heaven/hell concept either; because we humans have barely managed to understand the universe that we’re put in. we’ve not even managed to explore it yet. we really cannot know what lies outside of it.

one, last of all, does not know about the reality of the soul. it’s most probably there. but one cannot say where exactly it is.
one also cannot say whether all this is just a rationalization of the mind.
as i’ve been saying since blog post#2.

but this is not about how we’ve rationalized. this is about death.
then again to understand the truth of death, we must know the truth about life.
and that is something on which you can write reams of paper, and still not even scratch the surface.

but consider: what is it that says that a person is alive ? that proves that he was alive ?
that proves that he actually existed ? and meant something to this world ?
ahhh. this is a question that is yet to be answered in over millenium of human pondering.
to go for the simplest of the lot, the most logical way in which one is “exists” is in memories. anything that you do, anything that you achieve, is noted by someone. and remembered.

it could be anything. but it’s true.
and if you consider this, you never really die.
you simply lose your mortal shell.
i know that this is what all those philosophers and even a few religions say.
but there’s a difference. they say it in the sense that one’s mind is above all this mortal realm and that kinda crap.
i’m saying it because everything that you do is remembered. including the bad. including the good.

and that’s what becomes you eventually.
worth thinking about ?

there are many other ways in which one can remain immortal. one of the best is the concept of memes.
basically you remain alive because of the ideas, because of the inspiration that you’ve given others. forever.

we started with death and we’ve ended up with immortality.

but there is one point that occurred to me right now.
as to whether its worth being immortal.
is it really worth all the trouble to go on living after you die ?
after this world is not all that great (face it!).. it can be so much better.. and we persist in making it worse.
is it worth “living forever” in a world that actually doesn’t care whether some people live or die?

i know about the sacredness of human life.
and i know about the sadness these human lives have caused as well.
its a perennial dilemma – whether it is better to live or die.

and one that i will not enter. it is so easy to choose the easy way out.

not yet.



2 thoughts on “quietus

  1. Ashish

    Life, it seems is so fleeting. What is life? breathin? eating? seeing? feeling? I think its believing. believing in that which is u . Your identity, your mark. not such a pretty picture is it as we know. But it is there. And we have to go thru it and not speculate but wait to find out what awaits us, all eventually will, and who knows, maybe, that is not so bad.

  2. Bubba

    Oh Sev, you do ask the good questions. Immortal? You are in my book. You have given me ideas and thoughts that I will think on till I die. We all effect the world around us in our way. as you have affected me. I don’t have the answers. But you asking the questions at this time in my life, leaves me in doubt. Never before have I doubted to live or die. Its not in my control at this point. But write on and I look forward to your next question.

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