gettit ?


[warning: this may be offensive.]

hmmm.. for possibly the first time, i'm going to boast: “i've had over 1500 visitors in two weeks!”
and for possibly one more time, i'm gonna follow up: “it's a different matter that most of them didn't even stay for 30 seconds.”

oh well.
but even those two innocuous statements say a lot about the way we think.
didn't get it ?

its something that was brought to mind when i was reading past comments. one had said that duality was nothing but a matter of perception.

i call 1500 visitors good. u can call that an absurdly low number.
i can call the 'less-than-30-seconds' phenomenon a bad thing. as i want people to at least glance at my blog.
u can say – 'at least they came. someone came to see what the hell you have on your blog.'

see ?
we classify things based on our perception. based on how we see them. how we feel about them.
not on some international standard of understanding. our own.
and each one of us has his own unique way of thinking.
as a simple example, take the manner in which people read blogs. if they get hooked in the first two lines, you have a reader. else its 'ta-ta' or 'i wonder when the counter ticks over..' which is probably the reason that people post short blogs out there. even if they all don't make any sense at all.

at least some of them don't. to me.
we classify subjects as boring or interesting based on our mental state at the time. we say that someone is intelligent or stupid based on what we think of what they say.
and so on.

a more appealing example is the matter of sex. we call a person 'sexy' based on what we've seen of them. or what we are able to see of them.
or is it what we are not able to see ?

consider that when you see a naked person, it is not the arousal you have when they are barely covering themselves.
make sense ?
think about it.
the only reason that we watch porn and so on and forth is simply because of the fantasy that it gives us of semi-naked people. the actual act merely stirs the primal passions in us. which cannot be called pleasurable.

of course we might start doing something pleasurable at this point. 😉
[shit.that was too scientific.]

another thought occurs to me.
the fact that even life is a matter of perception.
the approach that we have taken towards it is what is defining what we call 'alive'.
is it possible that if we change our perception, our viewpoint of life changes ? that if we dared to look at things even slightly differently, we might decide that we have been wrong for the last millenium or so ? and that EVERYTHING will have to change to conform with the new perception we have ?
would we have the courage to do that ? the passion ? the interest ?

we have got so used to classifiying things as balck and white, that the fact that some things may actually be red or yellow i.e. completely off any scale we have.
doesn't make sense ? that's what i'm talking about.

open the mind. let it roam free.
one never knows for sure, what one can think of.

and thus is this blog written.


5 thoughts on “gettit ?

  1. Bubba

    I have to agree with you. 1500 visitors in 2 weeks? Great job Sev. I would not call that a low number at all. I call that great. as the kids say around here, “you rock!”

  2. Ashish

    Agreed, it does not matter what kind of glass you are looking thru, you are looking at the same thing. Only “how” u look at it differs. Hence, the fancy word “Perception”. It can be a very dangerous thing. Can make absolute shit out of gold. But whatever, If it were not there at all, we may not be able to see some things that keep us “interested”.

    Perception Ahoy !!!

  3. Bingoguy

    1500 in 2 weeks. That’s around 107 hits a day. I think that’s reasonably acceptable. I was happy with my 10-12 hits per day Pre-Blog Explosion. I see 3 times that now and that’s fine with me. Like any kind of advertsing you’re looking for 2% return. So, on 1500 people you’d be hoping 30 people actually read your place and came back another time. Anyway, Thanks for your comment on my site.

  4. Swt GA HunnyB

    Dropping by on a reciprocal visit and was very surprised to find a great blog! Thanks for buzzzzing the Hunny Hive! You have forever been emblazzed on my Blog Explosion list! 🙂 Ciao Bello!“

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