i saw snow today


hmmm.. something happened today which made me understand the world a little better.
i know that statement was highly redundant.
i agree.
but it snowed today.

let me begin at the beginning.
i was walking to college today, when white drops of beauty fell.
i know that was hyperbole.

it’s been getting colder for the last few days here. and today was not helped by the fact that its 1 degrees celsius. or the fact that it’s feeling like -4.
and there i was, an insignificant speck in this universe, making my way, fighting the wind and the ‘biting cold’ (as the books put it).
and then, it snowed.

it’s something that people who’ve felt it on their nose for the first time as a child will relate to.
i think.
but it was amazing. the feeling. i stood there and felt the first snowflakes in my life on my upturned face. they were tiny, white bolts of ice; which barely existed for the 30 seconds that they took to settle.
i have only heard of the six-sided symmetry of snowflakes. hopefully i will see that soon as well.
but at that moment, it was all my fantasies come true. all the books, all the movies… everything.
they all came to life in that instant.
now i know why children liked to play with this ice.

it was a moment when i saw the sky, the clouds, the barely visible sun in all of natures selfless beauty. i understood.
all this beauty. all this nature. all this ‘greatness of creation’. it all made sense at that point. why we get to see this stuff. why we should see it.
why this earth still tolerates us inspite of us being the most selfish species present on its surface.
because we can appreciate it all. in a way that no other can.
we can appreciate the fact that snow fell. we play in it. we revel in it.
at least the children do.

we can play in the rain. have fun. play in puddles. even dance.
i have.
we take photos. we paint. we glorify. we sing paens in praise.
we enjoy it all.
and we should. enjoyment of beauty is the reason for which beauty exists.
why else do girls ‘dress up’ for the guys ?
because they like attention that is given to them in return.
so nature must be a woman. and one whom i will always love. forever.

i know that this post is very different from the ones that i usually put up.

but it snowed today.
i think i will go out and play !



4 thoughts on “i saw snow today

  1. Amma

    Hi Satish

    It is my longlastin wish to see snow which till now I am unable to see. Hope to see it soon when I visit Aberdeen and you too.


  2. Arnie

    i’ve never seen snow. we don’t get that here. it must be an exhilarating experience.

    hey thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂

  3. Ashish

    Snow…nature…marvels…galore at them…and you will find a true sense of content…I stood in the sun today for a long time for no particular reason just to be in touch with the part of me that says i need this…stretched out arms…like a madman…but I didnt care…b’coz I needed it…to get back in with it.Made me feel nice…makes u feel better…simple things that go a long way in teaching us it is not always the fancy lights and the hi-tech gizmoes that make u smile, it is often the simplest of nature’s marvels…and u breathe a sigh of relief…I am alive to feel this…sigh.

  4. Swt GA HunnyB

    Snow!!! I want snow! We still have 70 degree weather here in GA. When we do get snow it is usually just a dusting of the white stuff and melts before noon the next day. It is sad. So sad. MAIL ME SOME!!! 😀

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