walking the fine line


this post was supposed to be about something very different.

but now the paradigm has changed.
for me.

there used to be a link under the 'staying.blogs' link on the side. called 'The Fine Line v3.0'.
and its not there anymore.

instead, there is a message that is self-explanatory. that signals the end of her blog.
the blog of cleolove.
the door to the person that is cleo.
'cleopatra, queen of denial'

for the last few days, in the middle of this daily activity; there has been one that puzzled me a lot. the flashing up on screen of a message. The reason for which i could not fathom.

i have not been blogging for a long time. but cleo's was one of the first blogs that i marked. to read everyday. and whether she knew it or not, when the name 'cleolove' appeared in the comments; it was a matter of intense pride.
that she read my blog. that she understood.
and that she felt i was important enough to talk to. to comment on my blog.
a connection.

i do not know cleo. i have never met her. i had barely gone through her archives.
and yet, i knew her.
and so this post. to cleo. wherever you are.

i do not know why you have ended your blog. why the stark 'end of transmission' on any of your other sites affects me. i have barely known you.
and yet, there are feelings here that i cannot describe. that i cannot transmit over a simple web page. i can but hope that your innate empathy will get my transmission.
each and everything about your blog was unique.
the 'powered by cleo's fingers'. the 'the blank space'.
the dignity. the honesty. the actual person came through.

something that i cannot appreciate enough. that you are unique.
and you could show it to us. and i admire that.

you changed my outlook in so many ways. you have managed to make me think differently. feel differently.
live differently.

take care cleo.

and as u say, 'peace'.

in memory of The Fine Line v3.0.
and hoping that it will be brought back.


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