hmmm.. the best topics come not when one sits and thinks, but from a chance remark.

how much can we leave to chance ?

a comment left on what snow inspired in me brought to mind a thought.
i know i'm supposed to be thinking all the time, but this was one of the thoughts that made me stop.
'now why didn't that occur to me ?'

i had spent my usual 15 minutes of fame in framing that post. and had tried to think of every possible connotation.
and those 3 were all that i could come up with.

yet Riri managed to remind me of yet another.
the ephemerality. of snow.
of life.
of everything.

we are barely able to come to terms with this life. with the possibilities it gives us. with the power we have in it.
we can barely grasp it before it slips away.
to me, sometimes, the 'life flashing in front my eyes' statement is a cry which says 'i did so little with it all'.
how many of us can actually say that we have done everything possible in this life ?

i can't.
there is so much to be done, so much that can be done.
and so much that i might never do.

oh well.
that brings out the tendency of all of us to be so apathetic.
again, unfortunately.
but why is it that so many of us go through life without ever experiencing it to the fullest ? and why is it that this fact is no longer important to us ?

could it be that it does not occur to us ? like this topic has not occurred to me before ? or, for that matter, when it came to snow ?
it should. it must.
i have a belief that at the end of it all, one should be proud of what one has managed to achieve. of what one has managed to create/inspire in others.
of what one has done.

its the only way. the only way that you will always be spurred on to do more.
and always feel good of what you have done. or what you can do.
and one has to care. about what is being done. or what is going to be done.
after all, feelings are one of the only reasons that we can actually say that we are different from animals.

however, the way the world turns today, this is being lost.
i devote some 15-20 minutes a day to this space, but that is my time for me. to express myself.
i make an effort to care about it.
and it helps. this space is important to me.

i do not know how and why, but now, other spaces have become important to me too.
and this is to tell them all [they appear alongside] that they matter.
this is the last point.

if you care, say so. it matters to the person you tell. and could change his/her life.
and you may never get to say it again as well.
and so, to all the friends and family i have, you matter too. in ways i cannot describe.

i can be proud of that. i hope.



3 thoughts on “transience

  1. You read my mind. The mind is powerful sometimes and a single word can change the world, or the way we see it. While I was writing that comment, tons of feelings filled up my head and I yet have to put them down. I had a pretty exhausting week from an emotional point of view, and I discover that it has deeply changed me, the way I see, the way I feel. Thank you for this post, it is well said.

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