hmmm.. the impermanence of life was brought home to me again.

interestingly, this realization has been coming for the last few days, in a variety of ways.
there are so many different things that are happening. and at any one time, we barely know about half of them.
it only served to show me that each one of us carries their own private hell around with them.

i have mentioned the multiverse concept of humanity. i have mentioned the minimal separation between each one of us.
there is another point here too. one that we very rarely recognize.
that all of us, each and every person among us, has their own private hell. one that they alone can live in. one that they alone will have to live with.
one that they alone have to bear.

their Abaddon.

each one has their own problems.
we all know that.
but do we realise that another can have worse problems ?

problems unimaginable. from our point of view. that we do not even suspect could have happened to that person.
lack of self-confidence. illness. death. tragedy. sadness. anything.
i am not going to repeat how the person sitting opposite may have a cousin in the same office as yours.
i am going to say that her grandfather may have died that morning. or the earlier week.
that she may be thinking that she is the worst person on earth.
why ? she may have shouted at her child today. she may have lost her watch. anything.
and yet, everything.

try to imagine that the people that you are with may be suffering even as you read. they may be missing their loved ones.
they may be feeling completely dejected.
they may be feeling alone.
but no. we go through life thinking of our own problems. or, the problems faced by our family. or even our friends.
and so we lose feeling for the rest of humanity.

we do not try to understand that everyone of us is going through this life. and they have to fight most of the battles alone. that they may actually only be outside so that they can see other people. to feel alive.
this is not a concept that i am writing about to talk about what to do. or what should be done.
it is a concept that we must realize. and understand.
it may change the way we live.

the private hell is one that you have to live in alone…true.
but it is something that seems a lot lighter when you talk about it. unless you tell other people; however hard they may try, they will never realize.
and one must never forget that one is never completely alone.

there is always someone. somewhere. who will listen. and love. and understand.

and thus can you realize the meaning of heaven.



3 thoughts on “abaddon

  1. Bubbba

    I too agree with you Sev. Each of us does have. Where I go next is what do we do with that knowledge of how people affect us.

  2. Suhan

    I agree with u to sum extent…we all hav our hells and heavens right here… we find our hells quite easily-the problem is the paradise…the mind can play mean games with us n findin our paradise may not b as simple and there IS always that one person somewhere,and even though reaching him/her at that moment may seem impossible,its the belief that’ll work there…do i sound stupid? i dont think so…think about it…BELIEVE in urself and ur paradise and ur hell will seem much better…
    as i ve always maintained,BELIEF & FAITH can make the simple things in life much simpler…
    keep smiling

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