state = blank


hmmm.. my mind's blank.

completely empty. of ideas. of inspirations.
usually, i have some kind of idea of what to write about.

or at least something would have happened to make me think of something.
or some notes i would have made would help me decide what to write on.

but today – nothing.

damn it.
i'm not feeling anything. i don't having anything to say. i have nothing to comment on.
to talk about. to realise. to analyse.
it's like someone has wiped it all clean.

but i've done nothing new. seen my regular blogs. seen the news. done my normal work.
and i have nothing to talk about.
let's face it. i've even blogged about nothing.

then why write ?
because the minute i decide that 'no blog today', the motivation to blog is lost.
for me.
at least.

and so a post on thinking of nothing.
this augurs well.. i might do a post on thinking of something, of thinking about anything, on doing nothing, on doing something..
and so on.
i might even rename the blog – 'staying.nothing'.

that reminds me, i've not really justified the name, or the tagline.
but that's for another post. i don't want to spoil a perfectly good post on nothing.
consider that i've manged to ramble on for some 50 words without communicating anything.
except that i have nothing to post about today.
i am not too sure whether to continue on this track and risk getting taboo-ed…
but what the hell.

i'm still typing..
and nothing is still coming.
ever had one of those days when you feel dead on the inside ? when you are completely apathetic to anything happening. and cannot feel anything major ?

i'm feeling that way now.
and on that point i will stop. i have nothing left to say.

hopefully this will pass..



3 thoughts on “state = blank

  1. Oh me, oh my…a post about nothing, I love those. I must steal this idea…oh wait, I often write about nothing.

    You ALWAYS make me smile. Sp, thank you for that.

  2. I have writen posts about nothing. Generally I delete them out of some self imposed obligation to entertain my readers rather than use my blog for my own entertainment. Sometimes there is nothing. I just think it takes talent to write about nothing and in turn you have made your “nothing” time into something for another person.

  3. Kanchan

    Just had to leave a comment on this, seeing the similar nature of my post on a similar topic. Or non-topic. Whatever. 😀

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