hmmm.. the blog has finally come where i reveal the truth..

*drum roll begins*

in my previous post, i had mentioned that i have not really given the reason for the title ''.
not that it really needs justification; but, the blog must justify calling it something.
other than the reason that its a very cool name for a blog, of course.

then why ? why the period between the two names ? why not 'to the moon and back' or 'i am sev' ? or anything else ?
other than the reason that it was the only thing occurring to me at that moment, of course.
*drum roll continues, drummers getting a little tired*

life is weird.
i was getting completely frustrated, and was feeling absolutely bored with life; when i decided to put up this blog. of all things, i thought about simply occupying my time.
and so the blog was born.

i was going to randomly type in words and see where that took me. see what came out.
but the blog has managed to become so much more. my journey to self. to find others. to finally have a place that i can do anything, say anything, and have people reciprocate. understand. advise.
without knowing me. without needing to know me. barely having read me.
and yet they are there.
its amazing.
*drum roll growing discordant. drummers really wondering whether they have to continue for much longer*

that's still off the topic.
the title of this web page was something that i used to tell all my friends and family when they asked me how i was.
e.g. “how are you doing ?” “staying cool, [dad/mom/dude/babe/mortal enemy]”
and when i was setting this up, it occurred to me that my life, and that of most others, is generally about staying this way.
cool. happy. patient. understanding. wise. and so on.

besides this, i needed an outlet. so that i can remain cool.
it is one of the few qualities i have: remaining cool. and patient.
in any situation. using my head coolly to analyze. to understand. and then speak.
it was an extension of the philosophy that i tried to apply in my life. hence, a period between words.
or, at least, that's what i think.
*three drummers have dropped out, remaining trying to maintain peace. drumroll can barely be made out as of one set*

besides this i was recently moved from the swelter of mumbai, india to the relatively freezing location of aberdeen, scotland. so i was literally, cool.
*drummers give up. throw away drums and start looking for things to throw*

interestingly, its all come together, in some ways, due to this blog. i have met so many people, who have all contributed to my thinking. to the way i reason. to my writing.
[their links appear alongside]
i have managed to find facets that i did not know existed. or if they did, had not received expression.

and so many many other things, that i cannot remember, but are important to me all the same.
and so i continue to remain 'cool'
*drummers pick up anything they can find and come to kick the shit out of me*



5 thoughts on “staying.rationale

  1. I shall remember that. staying and remaining cool.
    My best friend lives in Mumbai now and she is a little bit frustrated with life over there, maybe you could help her staying cool as well? Email me if you want her address. She’s also a poet, and she doesn’t take life lightly. Thanks a bunch, yours cooly, irina.

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