hmmm.. it has been a while since i've gone off the deep end.

for the last few weeks, it has been very rare for me not to get frustrated/agitated/questioning/crazy; over something.
over anything.

so, if nothing else, this blog is dissipating my frustrations. it's helping me divert my mind.

the mind.
such an amazing thing.
there have been enough stats and forwards to have convinced everyone that their mind is truly amazing. that every human has a brain that they should be proud of.
that they should use.

and yet, a majority of us don't.
why do i say that ?
you forget. rather, you do not know.

i am in a PG course with similar people. people i interact with everyday. people i see working on their assignments, discussing problems, solving questions. i have been with students for a while now, and i am still wondering.
what the hell are these people doing ?

sound frustrated ? you'd better believe it.
i don't understand why some people must take the help of others, before they try it for themselves. why they must not even want to try. why they think that they cannot do something. why they give up before they even start.
why ?

we all have capacities: agreed. each one is better with certain facilities: agreed.
hence we all have mental limitations: disagree,disagree,disagree,disagree,disagree.

the mind is this amazing tool that can learn. something that so many of us forget. it succeeds, but you have to let it try first.
it's going to take longer ? that does not mean that it's not going to happen.
that one must impose mental sluggishness on an uberous implement, does not make sense to me.

that one must believe that something is impossible without analyzing is just not digestible.
that one must destroy one's confidence for no reason is unacceptable.

use your head. think. figure out.
heard of these words ?
apparently many of the creatures calling themselves humans existing on this planet haven't.


and that means that i must help you. help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. and again. and again. and again.
one can ask the question: why i still do it ?

a simple answer is that i hope that my 'help' might just make them think. as all my help only consists of pointing you in the right direction. very very rarely do i actually do it.
and yet i spend a majority of my time doing other people's work for them.
i don't mind correcting work. that means that you've atleast tried.
but you won't even try, and you want me to sit with you to do everything ?

this is my policy when it comes to copyrights as well. you won't do work. but you will spend two hours copying out mine.
that sucks.
my work makes you think of something, and you go for exploring that ? by all means.
if possible, give me credit. you don't, and that only means that when i come across your work i will know. and i will lose a little more faith in humanity.
not a good thing.

i know that usually this kind of post comes under the category of [rant]…[/rant], but this is not a rant. this is a subject that i feel on.
and one i hope to do something about.

someday. everyday.


5 thoughts on “indolence

  1. Unfortunately some people have been conditioned to think that they can’t do or accomplish on their own. And some actually can’t past a certain point. But there has to be some type of effort put forth just to be able to say that they tried.
    As for the copyright thing, that’s just plain wrong. It’s stealing plain and simple.

  2. Bubba

    Ahhh another subject you and I feel closely on. It is a shame some people just won’t try to think. I guess thats why the phrase “think outside the box” is around. Made just for those folks. I call it “sheep”,syndrome. A theroy which I should explore. But this is your space and sorry I got off track. As usual you have made me think. Be cool.

  3. Long ago, we’d been sitting at the dinner table talking about very much the same thing you have posted with my dad. When I inquired as to why he tolerated such behaviour at work when he wouldn’t tolerate it from his children he said simply, “As long as there are people that don’t want to think for themselves then I have a job. One that pays far better than theirs ever will.”

    Thank you for stopping by my blog at Michele’s request. It made my day.

  4. I guess copyright is the safety net of the intelligent and the catch net of the stupid – when it works. The problem is that our own degrees of cleverness can’t be copyrighted, registered, trademarked or whatever -which make the bright folk prey for the dumb.

    We could of course just tell such people to ‘fuck off’ in an intelligent manner.

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