liquid sunshine


hmmm.. its interesting how the weather, how the surroundings that we have can give rise to so many different feelings in a person.

i've talked about snow; and for a day there i was a little kid in body and mind.
usually its just mind.
and today it rained.

its been raining here quite frequently. at least for the time i've been here, rain has fallen every week. i get the sneaking suspicion that the snow that fell was originally rain; that accidentally fell as snow.
or is it that way anyway ?

it's been raining today ever since 3 am. and for an indian, rain has a special significance.
it may be the same for so many other races too; but i can only speak for indians.
when i was walking in the falling drops of water, completely different perspectives flashed before me.

love. life. happiness.
in india rains mean that the country is going to be green. it means relief from the heat. it means that farmers will live. it means water everywhere.
it means puddles of water to play in. it means rain-holidays are possible when it pours down for a couple of days. it means so many things and so many more.
it means love.
it means life.
in a lot of indian movies the rain takes on a special significance. love songs, crucial revelations, climaxes are all very often shown on rainy days; or even with the characters in the rain. hell, hollywood used artificial rains in 'the matrix'.
thats the kind of impact that water droplets falling from the atmosphere can have.
and yet, there is another facet here that we rarely realize.

longing. yearning. a long wait.
a lot of these feelings are brought to the surface by rain too.
tears. a heavy heart. missing someone. missing everyone.
all feelings that come to us when we look at the water falling from the sky.

we see it so often: the parting of lovers, the death scene – all shot during the rain.
for some reason our heart loses its self-control when the rain falls. it relates in some way, and barriers can fall.
and floods wash everything away..

amazing how simple cloudbursts can affect in myriad ways. and how we never associate one set with another.

amazing how this is true of so many things. and we never realize it.




4 thoughts on “liquid sunshine

  1. On the most miserable day of my life it rained and that was just some God’s special effect – not the reason.

    Understand the need, but hate the stuff.

    Like your posts though.

  2. Bubba

    Rain is something to behold. To me it can mean many things depending on my mood. I am a creature of my enviroment, with reactions from my emotions. live, laugh, and love often

  3. sev
    really lovely thoughts on rain-
    reminds me of the book “chasing the monsoon”
    by alexander frater-

    thanks for dropping by my blog and especially for your profound and extensive comments

    take care

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