would you ?


hmmm.. it is so interesting how our mind works sometimes.. we manage to think in the absence of thoughts; and actually follow instinct even in their presence.

take the matter of sex.
interestingly enough, the lady that we find sexy is one that is not wearing too much.
or rather, is wearing just enough to not cover the coveted parts. the dress that accentuates the right curves.
i am not too sure about women, but i guess that they are probably turned on by pretty much the same things. only in guys. hence the obsession with girls admiring half-naked guys on t.v. serials.
and that leads to the fantasy. and hence the desire.
why else would strippers be popular ?

interestingly enough, pornography itself is popular for the simple reason that so much more than just the act is there. the thoughts of these 'extra factors' titillate us.

women too, are said to treasure lying in the lovers arms' at the end, rather than the actual act.
or at least that's what i've observed. or read. or heard.
and again, interestingly enough, this subject holds a fascination that supersedes that of death.
very interesting.

again, an observation i have made is that in nudist colonies they claim that the lust-desire, so to speak, is removed. because the covers are not there. desire is lost as the body is revealed.
interesting again.
in a book of irving wallace, 'the prize', he describes how when the girl is completely nude, there is no feeling of lust in the main character. but even as she dresses, erotic thoughts form, and he desires her.

even the actual act of sex itself is said to be a divine 'eleven minutes'. and we are definitely not low enough to be excited by a factor of just eleven minutes. and we have kind of agreed that it is not the eleven minutes that interest us, it is what happens before and after that.
could this be the way that the human mind thinks ? that unless a part of the truth is revealed to it; it will not go forward in seeking it ? the factor of curiosity will not arise. the factor of wanting to know will disappear.

but progress has happened because each discovery has promised so much more.
because of the 'titillation' to the brain.

what if, tomorrow, we were offered the answer to everything ?
we were offered the answer to all the problems ?
the answers to all the millions of questions we have ?
would we take it ?

would you ?


5 thoughts on “would you ?

  1. I suffer from a serious thirst of knowing everything, an avid curiosity and if I was given the answer to all my questions I would be reluctant to take it though. Because life would be so dull when you know all the answers! I would rather discover them myself, like I said in a post about Daniel Cook, a kid TV host.

    If I could choose among the answers, I would. I want to know some of the answers, but not everything. Only what the average human should know.

  2. Bubba

    To know the answers? Not me I think. I really do like the searching. In fact now I really think about it No. Only one answer would I like to know. Comes from the word progress. Where we progressing to? Thank you for the insight into me.

  3. It is the search that drives us, therefore why would we want to know all the answers.

    Someone at NASA was giving a press conference about a shuttle mission discussing all the things that went wrong. This was one of the many, many non fatal shuttle missions. Someone asked him if there was ever a mission where nothing went wrong. The person giving the press conference said that not only wasn’t there such a mission they really didn’t want that because then they would not learn anything.

    If you could just close your eyes for a moment and have an instant orgasm but you’d have to give up everything that comes before then (foreplay and actual the actual intercourse) for the rest of your life would you take it?

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