the ingemination of my dubeity


hmmm.. more than one person left a comment yesterday, saying that they wouldn't want to know all the answers.
or at maximum, they would want to know only selective answers.

which is kind of funny when you consider that most humans have an aim in life to learn. to understand.
gain knowledge.
and yet, this is what we see: a paradox.

isn't this the case with everything we attempt, though ? we must create paradoxes, act contrary in everything we do.
we desire knowledge and yet we do not want it.
we need love and yet we will not accept it when it is offered to us. worse, we often do not even recognize it.
we love our friends and family the most in this universe, and yet will be the first to hurt them in as many ways as possible.
we live life, but want to die so many times during its period.
weird is not the word.

why is it that we must do this ? why is that we must walk in the exact opposite direction to which we need to go ? work in exactly the manner that is most likely to harm the final result ?
is it because that in either case it is pointless ?

the work that we do, the results that we achieve, the marks that we think we make in our lives – do they all really have any meaning ? do they make even an iota of a difference to the planet as a whole ? to the galaxy ?
to the universe ?

i have said that the entire universe is connected in ways that we cannot fathom. (if i haven't, i'll say it now.) i know i've said that the universe will conspire to help us achieve our inner most desires if we would but believe.
this is not a loss of that belief.

this is a wondering. about the point of it all. about the futility of all that we do.
about why.
it is a question that i have asked in many different forms over my blogging experience. and it is one that i get thrown at me again and again. in so many different forms that i barely recognize it.

and one i still cannot answer.



2 thoughts on “the ingemination of my dubeity

  1. Bubba

    Isn’t the real paradox when we can not accept the outcome so we make up another reason to not believe? Complicating our thoughts to the point of confusion? To keep searching because the answer came to easy.

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