a little more dubiety..


hmmm.. i wonder.. how many of you understood the title of yesterday's post ?

more importantly (to me).. how many of you tried to find out ?
[i will await answers to that one.]

each title that i keep, each post i write, that i come up with, is supposed to do two things.
one, make everyone want to read the post.
two, make anyone who sees it, think.

i don't know how successful it is. or how successful it has been. i generally try to keep links pointing to the meanings in the body of the post.
but i didn't yesterday. i was curious about something.

i have a theory that humans are currently regressing when it comes to thinking. no offense meant, but it is something that i have seen: humans want to think as little as possible. we are certainly moving towards that tendency. to put in the least effort as is possible on something that really matters. work like an ass, mindlessly; but not think for even a couple of seconds to see what can be done to make it better. could be done to make it better.
what is possible.

but is it true ? i do not know any more.
rather, that i am no longer sure.
at one point, i was inwardly wondering whether we are degenerating into a world of cretins. and was quite sure of it.

i am not saying that we are all becoming stupid. i am talking on a slightly higher plane. that we are separating out mentally. we are evolving into two species: one dumb and the other intelligent.
it certainly seems that way. the way that we act a lot of the time, the way that we behave, and look like we are heading towards; all lead to one conclusion. the inevitable one.
stupidity. imbecility.

i will not say insanity, 'coz face it, we are all inherently insane.
that i suffer from this is true. i do not say that i am above this. but i am trying to think. trying to exercise my 'little grey cells'. even though it very often seems futile.
what happened to change my opinion ? people i met. online. offline.
displaying at least some of the characteristics that distinguish humans.

is that a good or a bad thing ? i don't know. and very often i'm not too sure if being a human itself is such a good thing anymore.

i do not say that this is bad. or that being a human is not amazing.
just that, very often, its not as good as it can be.
and that sucks.

hopefully something will happen to change my position on this too.



2 thoughts on “a little more dubiety..

  1. Yes, I did wonder what you meant by that, first because you used 2 words I did not know. Consistently for the last week I had to look up in the dictionary the words you used : abaddon, transience, sentience are some of them. Then I could not find anything in my trustful wordreference.com, then I translated the title with regards to the context and read : the imagination of my dubiety. Not sure that’s what you meant, but it made sense, at least to me. I must have killed a couple of neurons with that because I added a couple of more words to my vocabulary. But I am not sure I am going to use them anytime soon, lol.

  2. Bubba

    I admit I did not look up or know the meanings of many of your words. Maybe a lack in my brain. To me using that type of word that is not in my normal vocabulary is just confusing. as with a concept. I’m a simple man and try to make my life more simple. I still learn from you even if I don’t understand everything.

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