hmmm.. a thought came to me as i went through the comments to yesterday's post.

can we dichotomize thinking between the brain and the heart ?

as in, can we use them as separate entities ? can we completely detach ourselves from feelings and commitments when we think ? think in a cold-blooded manner, such that matters of the heart do not intrude on the decisions that we have to make ?
this is what i referred to when i said yesterday when i said that i 'thought with the heart'.
another question also arises.
should we ?

it is said that in business there are no brothers. this is another form of division. there are no relationships, no involvements when it comes to business. nothing 'personal'.
can we adopt this attitude in life ? or at least at certain stages ?
doesn't our heart, the feelings in us, the reactions that we give to stimuli: our inner self; assert itself under most circumstances ? can we ever completely ignore it ?
doubtful. there is always some amount of warp due to this.

but consider. we would be able to make judgments faster. the second-guessing factor would disappear. the feeling of fear of something going wrong would too. fear is after all only our heart asserting itself when it comes to darker possibilities.
would we also be less human ?

i have caught myself thinking in this cold-blooded fashion at times. and it terrifies me.
i am able to imagine the worst possible scenario without it affecting me in anyway. and able to see the possible repercussions and solutions. everything can be considered without feeling, and i could not care less as to what could be the worst that could happen. because i have seen it and i know what it could be. and that it's not all that big a deal. that major a cost.
but only in this frame of mind.

but in any other, it seems completely anti-human, even vaguely psychotic.
and that is truly terrifying.
i cannot explain this with an example. it is not a region that i want to go into now.
but for the sake of being the ultimate machine, is it worth sacrificing humanity ?

what are we sacrificing, after all ?
love ? hate ? just feelings – random nerve synapses at best.
that in many ways could be said to weaken us, and leave us inferior to species that are completely thinking-based or cerebral.
there was a story i read that described the evolution of man into a species that was completely intellectual. but they were dead inside. feelings had no place in their brain. everything that was thought was purely logic based. and hence reduced to equations.

are we heading there ?

one gets that feeling that such a case is getting inevitable..



4 thoughts on “dichotomy

  1. Bubba

    Interesting thought Sev. Your answer to the question on my site is No is was not you that my post was about. I have an answer to your post today but its so long I wouldn’t take up your space to do. Enjoy Sev.

  2. rads

    From what I have figured out,many situations in life arise when your brain and heart are actually at war against each other…so,technically,when we make decisions we are dichotomizing…

  3. Consider the matter empirically: is it your heart or your brain which causes you to eschew capital letters? In other words, do you avoid the shift key because you consider excessive care in writing to be pedantry (i.e. with emotional motivation), or because you consider that the saving in effort does not significantly affect the clarity of what you write (i.e. with intellectual justification)?
    There’s scope here for a doctoral thesis.

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