what title can i give a post that's not there ?


hmmm.. i was supposed to continue in my series of amazingly intuitive yet intelligent observations on life, the universe and everything.
but i got a new phone.

the motorola MPx200.
and that means that i'm playing with it for the rest of the night.

amazing how small things can seem so beautiful..
even more amazing is how we can philosophize about anything.

and that means that this post is over.
and i've finally added a bit of personal stuff into the blog..
dammit. i didn't want to do that.

oh well.. shit happens..


also how we can write 10 lines on anything and not realize that it's all crap anyway.
damn. there i go again.


4 thoughts on “what title can i give a post that's not there ?

  1. rads

    I own just about the oldest(and smallest) motorola model in the world but it still makes those 40 hour train journeys I am forced to take infinitely more tolerable…I guess,all good things come in small packages…

  2. Good luck with your new phone, I still haven’t figured mine out and find myself longing for the simplicity of my old Nokia (which happens to be the most user friendly phone according to surveys).

  3. I think you only really, truly, finally work out how to use all the features on your mobile on the day before it’s battery packs up and the company tells you they can’t or won’t replace it.
    Have fun.

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