a little bit of a breather


hmmm.. it has been a while since my last post.

5 days to be exact.
put it down to the bane of studying for exams.
and yes, that means that i have exams and that till the 15th of this month, this is probably going to be the pattern that will be seen.
oh well, good for you.

not that i have anything against exams. by all means, there should be a way of gauging one' s abilities.
it's just that the question is – 'why now ?'
later. anytime. not now.
i wanna have fun now.

but one rarely gets exactly what one wants. and that's the case here too. that necessarily means that this post will be limited. the world will have to live without my profound observations on life. on love. and everything.
and that includes all of you.

rest assured, all thoughts will be noted down, and you will have to endure them all at a future date. just because i am studying, does not imply that i am not going to think. that is a process that i hope will never cease.
so, you are relieved from attention. and can go have fun.

just woozy around here in a week or so, and i'll have something for you to think about.
till then, i am going back to nuclear physics. and ultrasound. and audiology. and biomechanics. and many other subjects that i find interesting due to some genetic quirk in my brain.

i knew that something was wrong with me somewhere.

at least its only with some thing as non-essential as my brain..

much much much laterz

9 thoughts on “a little bit of a breather

  1. Amma

    satish , compliments to me or appa reg. your brain!!!!!!!!I am happy that you like your subjects and very proud that subs which are very tough enjoyed by you. All the best to you.


  2. Tom

    I will never tell!

    The famous person I speak of was born 1,622 after me. Some may say is the sexiest, classiest, most read person they know. This person is witty, a wise ass, funny and keeps several hundred people coming back for more each day. This person loves their friends, wine, books and life..not necessarily in that order.

    Posted by: Tom | December 7, 2004 03:56 PM

    [This is in reply to]
    good job.. how did you figure..?
    by the way.. what’s yours ?
    Posted by: SEV | December 8, 2004 02:01 PM

  3. aussiemama

    Gosh, you mean you have to study and think, I’m not sure this uni thing is for me after all. Hope all went well physics freak(….said with good intentions)

  4. SEV

    @Parents: i spoke to you guys.

    @Swt GA HunnyB: the biggest problem is to concentrate on the subject and not on the plans.

    @bubba1: my respect has only grown after reading your recent ‘expose’ posts.

    @annette: frankly.. it never ceases to amaze me as to how we make explanations in physics and yet, cannot really explain it all.

    @aussiemama: uni rocks! but there are many firemen studs *wink* they might take the form of cleaners though..

    @rohit: you’d wish. not when they come in just one paper.

    @Alli: sexy ? titillating is more like it. so much is possible. and so little is done. you physics-crazy too?

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