the insomnia speaks..


hmmm.. i guess it’s back to the daily grind. rather the daily de-pressurizing.

do forgive me if this particular post meanders a bit. i’m currently working in a day where i have not slept in 24 hours, and am listening to weird music, to say the least.
see ?

but this has gone to show me that humans can live any kind of conditions. the brain is able to adapt to the circumstances. whatever they may be.
for example, my attitude towards sleep.

frankly speaking, i sleep well below what i should. i believe an ideal amount is about 6 or 7 hours.
and me ? 4. tops.
why ?
ah. therein lies the beauty of my theory.
the brain rests better when its drained. so does the body. this is fact.
so, i drain my body everyday. as well as the brain. recharging, so to speak, takes less time too.
don’t ask me how. i’ve found that its true.

its quite weird.
thus, the time i spend sleeping is completely used in recharging my “batteries”. no phases. nothing. just rest.
i guess its like some kind of ultimate efficiency thingy.

i don’t know if i am alone in this. but i’ve seen that a lot of the planet spends its time in sleeping. which i find weird.
simply put, the time we have is not enough to see half of what exists. not enough to do what we can.
not enough to live life.

ironic ?

and so, i must forgo sleep. we have enough time to do so, when we’re dead.
remember: “i’ll sleep when i’m dead” ?
something to live life by ? or to die for ?

i can’t tell. my brain has reached exhaustion point.
i never did know when to draw the line.

man, talk about a shitty post !



5 thoughts on “the insomnia speaks..

  1. Well, I am glad it works for you!! My body doesn’t like this sort of efficiency. I have tried the 4h sleep diet but I was slowly turning into a zombie so I’d say the experiment failed. Maybe in the next life… what would I like to be? A night owl, hehe.

    With regards to your previous posts, I don’t mind “personal weblogs”, and I always thought this was one. A breather from brain exercise is always good. Even if you fill your head whith psysics that I really hate. I consider I wasted serious brain power in learning things I will never use again in my life. Why didn’t I use the same brain power to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life?

  2. Bubba

    ahh sleep. I too can sleep only for a short time. Last night was 2 hrs. I go like this for about 2 weeks and then I shut down for 12 hrs.

  3. SEV

    @Riri: it doesn’t exactly work, its more like a lifestyle choice !
    this is a personal weblog at some levels, but does not really have a lot of personal things in it. this is what i meant. but i’ve dropped the idea anyway, its a lot easier to incorporate it here.
    as far as your brain power goes, i will only say that nothing is wasted. it only means that you still have to learn more. not that you have learnt less.

    @bubba1: that is a price one pays..

    @Rohit: work ? who works ?

  4. aussiemama

    You will do well with that attitude when raising babies and teenagers. As for draining, the only thing I drain these days is red wine bottles

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