intermittency return ?


hmmm..interestingly, the lack of sleep on my part is not just frowned upon by my dad.

and again, my posts are becoming erratic, as in becoming sporadic again. hopefully this will change in the near future, when my net access becomes easier.

anyway, on a personal note, i am currently in london; decompressing in a very different way.
i do not know if any of you have actually been here, but if you have; do let me know of any out-of-the-way attraction in london that people do not usually go to. i promise that i will do my damnedest to go there.
and if i don’t, well… i’ll be damned !
i know. that was a bad one.

which reminds me of asimov. a story of his called ‘jokester’.
it was about understanding the nature of humour. of laughter. as in, what really makes us laugh ?
his theory was that it was an alien device for understanding the human mind. like how we use mazes to understand some brain devices in rats.
mine is that its the work of the parasite that humans have carried in their heads for centuries, but don’t know anything about.
scary in either case ? well, that was the idea you know.

how am i talking about this ? coz of that bad pun that i cracked a few lines above.
i know the logical reaction to that is: “he’s crazy.”
but that was the reason for the blog anway.
read, always read.

everything that i tell you guys is generally already there. its all stuff that you’ve seen, heard, felt before.
i’m just trying to give you all a little bit more creativity.
a little bit more of the magic.
that we all somehow miss in our lives.
myself included.

i do not know how well i am succeeding, but it certainly helps in quelling my urge to let my hair down everyday.

i hope it does the same for you.



9 thoughts on “intermittency return ?

  1. something to visit in London? There’s a church in a sidestreet just off leicester square. It has a really odd painting on the altar and behind it. Supposedly a star map or a Rosicrucian link, there you go, I found it.

  2. I am dropping by with a message that is wrapped in a hug from me.

    My holiday message to you:

    In this season of celebration I also celebrate the wonderful people who have touched my life with their glorious spirit, wit, wonder, and joy. This list of people does indeed include you.

    Wishing you love, joy and wonderment during this glorious time of year.

  3. i dunno u will like it or not, but do visit cutty sark it has amazing feel to it; u have national maritime museum ,also greenwich where time started.
    do not miss to watch sunset at hyde park.mindblowing

  4. Hi,
    This is the first time i’ve ever seen your blog – I saw it on the top 10 list – it has never come up during my blog surfing trails!

    Just thought I’d say hi!


  5. Amma

    Hi Satish,

    Why no blogs after 19th Dec.I know now you are back in Aberdeen – still very busy and no time to write blog? I am expecting one soon.
    Lots of love

  6. SEV

    @bubba1 & Rohit: heartfelt apologies for not providing the magic for a few days..

    @Chromatin:i did see the church, but didn’t manage to enter it. rest assured, next time for sure. thanks for the tip anyway.

    @aussiemama & Michele: a very belated christmas to you both. and an assurance that the break should not be as long next time..

    @uber: again, the tips have been added to the list, but i did manage to see hyde park, as well as the museum. what exactly is cutty sark ?

    @Coco: my blog was on the top ten ? when ? what rank ? how ?
    but you are more than welcome.. to my crazy crazy world.

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