i know, i know, my hiatus are getting longer…


hmmmm.. i know that i've disappeared for an abnormally long time.

i can only apologize. also for not visiting all those bloggers out there, who used to probably get tired of seeing comments from me everyday. for every post. regardless of whether i had a point to make or not.

but, interestingly, a hiatus means more comments to respond to. its an inverse relation, mathematically speaking. the less i post, the more comments i get. probability indicates that this is because more people get to read my post, before i update the page.
maybe i should reduce the frequency of my posting a little.
oh wait, its low as it is.

i don't want to give too many reasons. put it down to the non-availability of the net to me. a london trip. and the introduction of a new gadget in my hands as well.
the london trip was pretty amazing. i got to see the sherlock holmes museum at long last, which was a dream for a sherlockian like me. i finally went to the madame tussaud's exhibit. again, an experience that i'm probably going to have the next time round as well. i got to see the hyde park and the national maritime museum in the places given to me, but not the others.
however they've been added to the list for next time. due to various reasons i had to cut the trip short this time.
but london is a drug that i'm going to need again. soon.
i can't wait.

the most unforgettable sight for me was the big ben at night. chiming the hour of nine. something that i was awed at. don't ask me why.
the thames at night.
the first glimpse of trafalgar square. and the towering statue of nelson looking towards westminister.
the craziness that is london.
i've been in mumbai for a long time. and i finally realized what is meant when they say that each city in the world has its own spirit. its own life.
a different feeling envelopes you.

all i could think of was that: there are so many left to see..
will the journeys of life ever end ? can one ever say that one has seen everything ?
each place has its own uniqueness. what is sad is that so many of us don't get to see them all.

what is sadder is that there are some of us who don't want to see them.
which is something that shakes me.
how can one, being human, not want to explore ? not want to discover ?

not experience more ?

i don't know this. but i do know that i want to see it all. feel it all.




6 thoughts on “i know, i know, my hiatus are getting longer…

  1. Bubba

    welcome back my friend. Your trip sounds like it was very fun. Having traveled a bit I can assure you that each city does have its own spirit. But my observation of your post is this. It sounds like you had another peek into yourself while there. Great. See you around my friend.

  2. rads

    That’s like one of my dream destinations…almost every great book has some reference to London…
    Did u raid the bookshops?

  3. London’s nice; I guess Mumbai could be called a poor man’s London/New York.And you get to see a lot of poor men as well!

    In any case, nice to see you coming back to your bloggin ways.

  4. I’ve always felt that way, since I was a small child .. I want to Live ..I want to see it all, read it all, know it all, experience it all. I want to die not thinking “I wish I had tried more, taken more risks” as many seem to do.

    Its a great way to live.

  5. SEV

    @bubba1: see you around too.. as far as peeking into myself goes, its not something that i stopped. its something i set into the background for a while.

    @Jeni: service with a smile.. hope you liked what you received.

    @rads: interestingly, i raided the bookshops before i went there.. i went by bus.. long journeys mean big book buys. as to when i was there.. not really.. the eyes didn’t anything thaaaat interesting. weird, i know. again, probably next time.

    @Rohit: i wouldn’t call Mumbai a poor man’s city regardless of the poor. maybe i’d call NY or London a rich man’s Mumbai 😉

    @Hippychix: thats a dream that i have too.. one i have plans for. i will only repeat: we are of one blood, you & i.

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