a belief system


hmmm.. back to blogging, back to thinking…
back to life.

i have asked before what really exists. and also what is real. and even what is existence.
i may not have found answers, but i sure have found a heck of a lot of explanations. and interestingly, they have led to even more questions.
one that struck me today was started by Hippychix.

she made a statement on her blog that religion has done more harm to humanity than help. while that is my feeling a lot of the time as well, it did make some thoughts come to my head.
religion has probably ended up doing more harm than good. we actually still differentiate among ourselves based on this. yes, i do know people who still do this.
it, frankly, does not make sense to me. i will not say more. the topic is not worth the discussion.

she also mentioned God. one of the few entities that i too am not too sure about. so many of the things done just don't make sense.
and yes, very few religions do manage to explain whatever does happen. even if they do, they base it on assumptions that i just cannot accept. whether thinking rationally or irrationally.
however i do not believe in rubbishing something just because i've not figured it out. explanations may actually still be possible. i've just not found them yet.

one of the explanations that i do like is that of friendship. i've found that this is one relationship that can actually mean something at the end of it all. even love is supposed to have its beginnings in it.
kinda holy, one would think.

if the relation between me and God is that of a friend, then i can ask him for help. but he's not going to unless i give it a try too. unless i believe in myself enough to do something about anything.
this theory kinda encompasses a lot of the anomalies, as well as the basic idea of God.
obviously you havta believe in him, and respect him. i don't think anyone, not you, not i, would help without that. and no, you can't pay him. no-one pays friends to do favours.
that kinda puts paid to all the rituals that we do. most of them don't make sense anyway. its true as well.

why am i expounding on my theory of God of all things here ? coz its something that i've been wondering about since i read that post. as well as some other things that i observed.

as to whether the people affected by the tsunami-earthquake will ever believe in God anymore.
whether the ones who've lost their dearest could ever bring it within them to respect him as they once might have.
how some other people i know (who are in completely different circumstances) are still able to keep the faith. and want to live.

it's one of the qualities of being human. and also one of the anomalies.
but one that i am grateful for.

also one that i will think of more the next time round..



8 thoughts on “a belief system

  1. Bubba

    I knew you never stopped looking. But it is interesting to discover something about one’s self. I wonder at times why I don’t discover the same things at home? Seems funny to me it takes another city or being far from home to point out to myself a mere fact that I know already

  2. I am with you in that I can’t discard something just because I don’t understand it yet. I have faith that we can come to understand anything if we are willing to explore. It took me a long, long time to come to the conclusions I have about God/the Divine, about life. Its a process, one that changes as we do.

    You are in the greatest of places to be, questioning everything with an open mind. That’s a rare trait, one that will bring you great satisfaction in life. It has for me. Nurture that curiousity, it’s a wonderful way to be, and yet another trait we share.


  3. Jeni

    I downloaded the email and I am very, very impressed with what you wrote. I really liked the way you alternated between the past and present realities. The twist of course, I would think, is to provide an ending/closure to both realities or to combine both realities with a common ending.
    I really did enjoy it and am honored that you let me read it.
    You have to give me first peek on any further work you do.
    Happy New Year!

  4. SEV

    @Cyndy: thanks.. i’ll be dropping in soon..

    @God: yes, but you see my phone doesn’t always work. and everyone knows that beer tastes better when stolen.
    but wasn’t it wine ?

    @Chromatin: it was a good one.. but for whatever reasons it wasn’t as great as it could have been.

    @bubba1: one never realizes the things that one has right under one’s nose. you need to take the perspective view. maybe that’s what travelling does. give you the perspective veiw.

    @Hippy Chix: i certainly can only hope that it all comes together for me. it can be eventually, because i am enjoying the wait.
    as far as traits go, the list is getting long enough for me to stop keeping track !

    @Jeni: thanks for all the compliments. as far as the ending goes, possibilities have occurred to me, but none that fit perfectly.
    i can send you past work too, if you wish. mail me.

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