why the system may not work…


hmmm.. my mom left a comment on the last post. that simply begged me to try and put up another post on the same topic.

while i do not want this to be a place for engaging in a debate of my mom's and my own beliefs, i have to respond to it. it just calls out to the person in me to try to make someone understand what i am trying to say.

i have already given a distinction between religion and a lot of other things in my last post.
at the risk of sounding preachy i am going to try to explain some more of my ideas.
you have been warned.
not that i have been doing anything different till now.

being indian simply means that the mind works on one additional plane a lot better.
the spiritual plane.
while the occult, and the wondering about life, and the acceptance of the craziness is maybe just a little easier for us.

but it also adds a level of discrimination in our heads.
that of religion.
weirdly, i have observed that the different religions and even the different communities think differently in india. not everyone.. but a sizeable majority.
so don't start riots out there due to this post. 😉

that, at the end of it all, all of us are homo sapiens doesn't seem to matter.
no, he's muslim, this one's gujarati, that other's punjabi, and yet another's tamil. and those all the way over there: they're christian.
how does it all matter ?

the religion is just a path. a different path does not make you a different person. you make the person that is you.
the community is just a group. again, they will affect your behaviour, and to an extent, you. but they do not decide what you are. or who you are.
love has nothing to do with all this. its a completely separate entity. after all its an emotion that one feels. and doesn't even realise until one feels it.

one cannot even classify it successfully. one just knows.
its something that we often associate with the heart. rather than the head.
even though, scientifically, thats not possible.
but then, love lies outside any parameters, any ideas that we can ever have.

so why do we keep mixing up the two? we fall in love with the person. not the religion. not the community. and i don't think there is any way of making our soul differentiate between these different “classifications”, that we humans have released among people.
and finally the practicality of it. real love, true love involves a lot of compromise. not actual sacrifice.
i believe, that practically speaking, life is a compromise. between living and dying.
thats an interesting way of looking at it! 😀

the trouble of it all is that very few out there want to accept this. they all know it. but will not accept it.
and thats where all the trouble lies.

because this means that they will not even allow any kind of amalgamation of these two concepts.
and thats what brings all this crashing down.
and that's why love is rarely given a chance.
and that's a very important part of this system.

as well as of life.



4 thoughts on “why the system may not work…

  1. Hippychix

    First let me say, how wonderful to hear from your Mom, and her view. It can only help us ignorant, self absorbed Americans understand that there are different views in the world that are just as valid as our own. I celebrate the differences. They are what make us beautiful.

    I agree, love and religion are two entirely different things but they are often dumped together, “God is Love” .. but in my mind, God and Religion are two entirely different things too.

    We dont’ all have to agree, I believe that is why there are so many different paths. I can believe my own path fully and completely as “truth” and still have respect for yours, which may be different.

    As with all things, it is our responsiblity to live fully, irregardless of whatever “lables” we have adopted to our humanness or groups that we associate with. We are individuals. We must follow our own path.


  2. Bubba

    Hi Sev. I hope you don’t take offense here. For the first time I disagree. I too am indian, but on the american side. I don’t consider people from other countries dumb. I don’t consider anyone has a better grasp on religion than anyone else. We all approach our world differently. That is something to celebrate, not to fight about. In my world, I don’t care about race, creed, color, or how much money you have, or what title you carry. The only time you will be treated differently by me is when you treat me or other people badly. I hope I didn’t offend. But I am myself and can only change by example and by truth.

  3. That’s true enough: the grasp of religion is not about where you live, it’s about faith, and you can have that anywhere.
    I do enjoy your take on life, it’s always interesting to hear different perspectives. As humans, we can really branch out.

  4. SEV

    @HippyChix: unfortunately, in addition to a lot of faults, we have also been given carte blanche to just not care.
    and that means all the fun and none of the responsibility.
    what was He thinking ?

    @bubba1: in some manner, i have managed to give you the impression that i think i am the only one who’s right. i am truly sorry about that. i was trying to make someone, anyone understand that life is above the petty differences in religion. and that love is too.
    the beauty of our life lies in the fact that we all approach life differently. it never ceases to amaze me.
    once again, apologies. inadvertant hurt hurts the most.

    @Jay: the amazing part of it is that we don’t even realize the branches that can exist between the two of us. i believe that i a lot of my visitors reached my page from yours at some stage. and i couldn’t find the link. then i realized that this was just blogger’s navbar. it was quite an experience, as it meant that i started visiting you..
    correct me if i am wrong about the navbar, but the rest of it is all true.

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