a mass of contradictions


hmmm.. life is such a fleeting thing, that one never realizes that it's gone.
and when it is, one cannot realize what one has missed.

i have mentioned many times, that one never really knows about life, and about how temporary it seems. how it just seems to disappear.
and yet, one cannot realize what it is really all about.
and no, i am not talking about the hokey-pokey.

it takes something called death for us to realize what life is.
it is only when we have lost something that we realize that it was there in the first place.
if this is the case with life itself, i wonder if this is the case with so many other things.
i am not asking what is the point of the matter, it is something i have asked many times before, and something that i will keep asking. just to ground myself in reality.

could it be that we are not meant to realize it all ? that the universe cannot take the collective mental energy of us all thinking about the same goddamn thing ? and thus, we have been cursed to live in ignorance ?
or maybe, ignorance is really bliss.
as in, its only when we will stop realizing, that we will truly understand.
possible ?
that's the beauty of contradictions. they always seem possible.

is it also possible that love does not exist ? that love itself is something that holds value only in life ? that love will be destroyed when it's all over ?
that love is as transient as all the rest of it ?

think about it. in a few hundred years, will our lives really be worth the time we spend over them ? will all the love that we keep “spreading” be worth even the amount of thought that we expend on it daily ?
maybe that's why we are meant not realize anything until we lose it all.

i know that we have taken love and God as two things that will always remain.
but if that's not true, we are all very very screwed.

and if it is, then keep thinking. i guess the end (referred to above) has to come sooner or later..

anyone to contradict ?



5 thoughts on “a mass of contradictions

  1. Bubba

    I find those questions are a matter of ones age. when I was 20 something none of that mattered. At 30 the 50 year olds were old. at 40, the questions are getting started. At 50, it was time to settle on what I beleived and get comfortable with me. But as you know my life didn’t go according to plan. Death means only that I will leave my wife for a short time till she can join me. Death means that I will be free to do work of a postive nature. Death is just another part of life. Its the final thing that bonds us all. So no matter, race, creed, color, and money. You to will be my equal in your final day.

  2. Suhan

    True we dont realize what we had till we lose it or till the fear of losing it seeps in… but inspite of knowing this fact, we take everything around us for granted…
    nothing lasts forever… we are evolving (for better or worse) this very moment… death is an enigma to me… i once read about these experiments being conducted where people who’ve almost seen their end narrate their experiences… it was a very interesting book… someone who had a major heart attack described seeing bright light and a scenic view behind it after the pain… etc etc… my point is i dont know how far it was true but i wanted to believe we are close to finding the answer…
    as for love and God, they both are synonymous for me… one cant exist without the other… who knows what happens the next minute-forever is just limited to our existence…

  3. HippyChix

    Some of us choose to realize what we have, before we lose it. Some of us make the active choice to appreicate all that life offers, not just the easy things. Some of us have been blessed to see the beauty in the pain of life, in the inevitible end of it.

    As for love being transient, I respectfully disagree. Love, when it’s real, is the one thing that lasts forever. The power of being loved never goes away. We become the legacy of those who loved us, and we have a choice to allow it to live or to turn it into something that will let us be angry and not deal with the loss.

    Also, strange thing about your “comments footer” .. it says I am saying things that I never said. What’s up with that? :->

  4. aussiemama

    I must admit, every now and then I wander through a museum or the like, and I look at the old pictures of settlers etc, I wonder if they knew their daily existence would be forever wiped from the earth, other than a photo with some person looking at it from time to time. It really makes you want to make a difference, have some special purpose or reason for being here.

  5. SEV

    @bubba1: that point that you make is only too valid. but something, again, that we don’t realise. and hence keep the differences alive.

    @Suhan: for all we know, death might be the furthest point from God that we can get to in our lives. maybe we are at the and of the tunnel, the wrong end, when we die. as far as love and God go, the way we live our lives describes how we feel about their synonimity.

    @Hippychix: all too valid again. i guess its part of seeing it through the eyes of a child, and seeing as a child. as far as the love part of it goes, i was just wondering, as it started to seem that way to me for a while there.
    as far as the footer goes, i was extending on your comment. mail me for anything further.

    @aussiemama: the amazing thing is that life is all too transient to realise this while we live it. but i believe that at the end of it all, we should be able to look back and say, i have changed the world in some way. i have done something that i can be proud of. its my driving force in anything i do.

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