the power of imagination



running down the road, not thinking, not seeing, simply exhilarating in the sheer power of the moving as fast as your legs can take you. the world moves past in a blur in which trees, hedges, grass, flowers, sky – they all blur into a continuous vision of green with patches where other details are registered, and yet not seen.
the road becomes a sheet of grey, and the feet barely seem to touch the ground as one picks up speed; exerting oneself, pushing yourself to the limits. the sky seems to have disappeared: after all, it is not possible to look up and run.
in the far distance, the horizon can be seen as a merging point for the ground and the sky – a place that it actually seems possible to reach.
a break in the ground looms ahead, it becomes clearer in a couple of seconds of movement; it is a ditch. involuntarily the legs tighten, the muscles ready themselves; and it is cleared by a mighty leap.
for a few seconds, in the air, it seems like you can fly.

could you feel it ? feel the power and exhilaration that enters the body when you push yourself ? go to the limits ?
the beauty of imagination is that you can think and picturize something forever, and yet never apply this ability when it really counts. the most important things in life are so easily attained if you could but attach a little bit of imagination to it. one has to do both: imagine as well as realize.
whatever one says, nothing is as good as doing it.

that is what i have to do too. the monsters that keep entering me, will have to be exorcised in the only way i know. visualized and hence controlled. i can never destroy them, they are a part of me, but i will have to learn to accept them; and hence, ironically, stop fighting them.

i don't know how many of you understood that. maybe my soul will connect to yours with these words and you might. maybe all this will completely go over your head, and you will put it down to a crazy guy ranting away at his blog.

maybe thats all it is.


6 thoughts on “the power of imagination

  1. Bubba

    Those demons of self are hard to finally come to grips with. But can be done. A sentance of I am comfortable with myself, when heard can mean that the person has understood their demons. To know your demons is first, Then how to deal with them next.

  2. HippyChix

    I understood it, and it makes me happy to see that you realize the importance of accepting the totality of who you are, of dealing with the demons.

    You aren’t alone in the battle. Trust that those of us who care about you will be battling them as well.

    Demons shared have much less power than demons in secrecy.


  3. rads

    That actually happens when you listen to terrific music…..

    p.s. Did I ever tell you this?You totally sound like a friend of mine here…he is one of the few people I get along with here…

  4. Trust me you are not alone at all…more understand than you imagine they just do not know you are what you are feeling…I am not certain why of all days I came here to read but I was driven to find you because you have not been by to see me or comment and I had to find you now I know why because I do understand you so if you go read my post today you will understand me…Yes we are here for each other…I care and you care..others care as well..

  5. SEV

    @bubba1: let us see, this is probably going to be a long and torturous journey..

    @HippyChix: i certainly hope so, but somehow right now, i just don’t know anymore. i think you can get what i mean right now..

    @rads: connections are formed between hearts and souls which are not governed by distances. the mind is nothing but a medium for them. and as far as music goes, the main reason that i have such a love for it, is simply because you can get lost in it..

    @Vickie: the non-reading of blogs was for various reasons not least of which i have put down here.. and as far as your words go, somehow when i read them, it just seemed like eventually things will pan out. thank you.

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