something new


hmm.. i’ve found a new paradigm.

indeed, it was completely by accident, or co-incidence, but i liked what i saw when i saw it.
randomly clicking on links on my blog (yes, i do that), a random pop-up caught my eye..
‘free blog hosting’
bummer, half the features for a crappy downtime.
damn, i have to stop clicking randomly outside of my blog!
one second.. this looks interesting.. categories ? calenders ?

twenty seconds later, i was quite floored. some pretty decent features, a clean layout, lotsa unlimited stuff.. free..
so here we are.

a new look. a new site. a new url.
maybe a new idea about life.

i wish.


7 thoughts on “something new

  1. rads

    Hmmm…..i gotta say the site looks real neat now…and it’s a pleasure to see the “best viewed in Mozilla Firefox” thingie.I don’t remember if you had it before

  2. I like this new place in the universe you have found is it moving my way…..hehehe. I love the new soothing colors. Thank you for inviting me along to be a part of your place.

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