a few pointers..


hmmm.. the final steps have been taken, and the blogger-based blog(!) is history, mythology, and any other -logy that will describe it’s extinction.

i think i got all the posts and comments out in time, but in case i haven’t, ouch.

there will be one change from the earlier blog, i can reply to a comment while it seems a reply here, so this is what i’ll be doing. the comments footer is hence also a thing of the past. bad luck to all those of you who were fond of it/waited to read what i had to say until i deigned to post again..

while porting all my previous words of wisdom, i realised that i’ve also managed to get rid of a very sidey(?) ‘laterz’ and also that there is no pattern to anything i do.
damn, i wanted to talk about how patterns rule us all 😛

feel free to leave criticism/comments/suggestion either via email, or via comments for this venture, but remembering what i’ve said above the calender (on the right).
i think that fortune city and blogware have got it pretty much bang on target for a free blog hosting service; i just hope that it remains free. a simple comparison is what turned the table for me.

this article is unashamedly a plug for where i am right now, but i thought a little gratitude might help in the long run.. especially considering i took off their crappy header.
note to self, do not be too honest on blog!

keep those fingers crossed, i hope i don’t regret leaving blogger.
the world continues spinning while seeming slightly tilted on the axis, or maybe thats just the way i’m standing.

we will return to our running commentary on life, the universe and everything eventually; feeling better about life eventually blows over…

one can only not screw around for so long.


3 thoughts on “a few pointers..

  1. Jeni

    Hi SEV, you have it set up very nicely here! I have the manuscript site on blogger but I’ve recently moved my personal blog to blogsome.com which is WP and I like it very much!
    Just updated your link on my blogroll and will be checking in to see how you get settled into your new blog home!

  2. Sol

    Something I do on the sites that don’t take your html information, is to put my name at the bottom as a link to my sight in the off chance someone might wish to go there.
    It looks better than leaving the url.. Though some sites don’t accept html codes but it’s an idea.

  3. SEV

    @Jeni: ironically didn’t realise that blogsome was free, i thought it was like typepad.
    it looks amazing.. i have to fight the urge to shift again 😉

    @Sol: that’s actually a good idea.. i noticed it the last time too, definitely a better workaround.

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