the unspoken beauties that we take for granted, are the ones we miss the most.

going for random walks, and somehow meeting the one person you need the most.
realizing at a point, in the company of friends, that this is the moment that should last forever.
looking around you in the stillness of the night, and feeling the world and its connection to you.
the sudden appearance of moonlight to show you that ethereal nocturnal beauty.

ever sat and observed a clear night sky ? the gigantism of creation, the billions of stars that appear when you focus on any one part of the night, the panaroma of the night.. and the moon.

the moon has always been special to me. i still remember the way it looked when i wondered for the first time whether a man and a rabbit where actually living on it. when i realized why it always seems to follow me. when i realized that its light made beauty beyond compare possible.

regardless of all the science and geography i've studied, the moon remains as enamouring to me as the first time i glimpsed it from my bedside window. i remember “playing” with the rays that fell on my bed, and observing the weird shapes the shadows took. until my mother decided enough was enough, and held me close till i went to sleep.

nevertheless, since then, every night, observing the moon and the way the moonlight “touches” the earth, has been a source of peace for me. even today, when the heart is troubled, a 10 minute walk in the moonlight never fails to calm me, and show me solutions i was not able to fathom.

the pure serenity of the moonlight in a field of grass, with yourself sitting in the middle, is the closest i have come to understanding nirvana, and the emotions; or lack of them, that this sort of “enlightenment” means.

walking along the seashore, with the waves lapping at your feet, nothing other than the quietness of the sea that surrounds you and envelopes you in itself. and the moon: a faraway white beacon shining with an unreal glow, that bathes the ocean in an unworldly gossamer mantle…

here, in a stone jungle, the moon appears rarely in the skies above. its generally cloudy, or else there is no moon.

i need to find that inner peace, within myself. the mind ranges across the distances, the soul warps itself in searching for answers and explanations.
and they never come.

the source of all inspiration remains away.

and i wait.

for her.


2 thoughts on “selene

  1. rads

    Revealing the purpose of the moon… read “Still life with woodpecker” by Tom Robbins….I think you’ll like it

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