don't even bother…


and i'm back.

weird, that i felt like i was “away”.
i wasn't. i was right here, going out and seeing what you people had to write; and generally observing the blogosphere.
which can be a pretty good full-time job in itself.
i wish.

and of course, a point is that i've realised that old spirit seems to be missing. this spot used to “hum” with activity: posts everyday, a decent number of comments.. somewhere along the way, i've lost the need for these things.

comments always make you feel good, and one always finds something one has missed within them; but the compulsion seems to have disappeared. so has the need to talk out loud everyday, and see what comes out.

i've also gained(?) this introspective nature, where each post seems to reflect my mood; maybe even seem to explore my problems, and my personal problems. rhetoric too has become a regular, with unanswerable questions; that are being asked for their sake.

that's not very good, no-one likes a whiny little bastard who goes guilt tripping in public. and asks questions that he doesn't want answered anyway.

the mind is fickle, and needs that element of interest to sustain any activity it does decide to take up. or else, it dies out. a very natural death.
am i going that way ?
not good.

but then what can i write about ?
i was supposed to conjure up a shitty post, for the SBC; and that's not happened either.

talk of an unnecessary post, put up for the sake of it.
and here you have one.

and you're still reading.

take a hint.

i'll take a hike.


5 thoughts on “don't even bother…

  1. Rohit

    Well, you may find it hard to believe that I’m only two stories old; I guess all the reading does help you out in the end. Still, I think the sotry can be worked on even more especially in the dialogues between the assassin and Jagdish and the emotions each of them feel. If things pan out well, someone might even think of making this into a small movie 😛 Well, glad that my work inspired you to come up with something. Let me know what it is. Till then,

  2. I just miss you my friend, I think life in general is changing for many. I would miss you if you stopped posting here I just have not been visiting as I should, but I will do better if you will…how is that for a deal?

  3. SEV

    i can’t stop posting.. its a drug 🙂 that aside.. those comments are reason enough to want to stay. i’m planning to add some things, lets see how its goes..

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