a fresh attempt..


something rohit said triggered something else, and something else happened..

well, in essence, i love writing. its something that i’ve done ever since i was 8 or 9, and something i can’t stop. logically, those early years were spent in fiction… which has only come down recently. the stories still come, albeit less often. i think all those movies have something to do with it…

this blog was early on meant to showcase some of that talent – don’t ask me what happened to that idea.

i’ve put up one of my earliest published attempts at a short story in its original form. it was published on a fiction website.. i think its still around. this is something that actually happened to me, and hence you have complete freedom to laugh your head off 😀

without further ado: That First Look.

As this space has gone beyond fiction alone.. i’m not cluttering it up. i’ll leave notifications here, though.

there should be regular updates, and hopefully this will allow some ideas i have to germinate. they’re being put off, which is not good.

comments/criticism are expected – you can leave that here. please do let me know exactly what you think.. i’d really appreciate it.

toodles, tally-ho and pip-pip ! (put that down to the complete blackadder)


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