out of sight


there are some things that go beyond our very perception.

when i was coming home yesterday, as always i took my usual route through the local park.
creed was playing 'with arms wide open', and the final guitar solo was reaching a conclusion.. and then i looked again.

it was nearing a beautiful twilight, and the horizon had clouds of a golden hue.. as the final rays of the sun were disappearing off the horizon. a fine mist was settling over everything i could see in the green lawn in front of me. in the far corner a tree with pink blossoms had recently shed part of its load onto the green grass below. everything had a tinge of blur to it, as the sky was steadily reaching the zenith of twilight, while the mist was spreading to the farthest corners of the park.
a feeling of calm came from within me as i suddenly realised that here, in my favourite place in aberdeeen, nature had decided to show me what was possible with a little water, a little sunlight, and freedom.

the noise of the road seemed to fade away, and for a minute i was in the stillness of a world which we search for most of our lives. i looked up at the fading blue sky, and then.. saw her.

the moon peeped out from behind a clump of clouds.. and barely seemed to exist in a sea of blue around her.

it was perfect.

i had found a place i could go back to when i needed to find that peace that allows the pure form of thinking.. when the mind is one with the inner thoughts, and the external ideas flow in and out. jigsaws form perfectly from all the fragments that are left from all those times that you have broken off a perfect train of thought… for whatever reason.

this after a day where i had almost banged my head against a computer screen in the hope that i would understand what the fuck i was seeing in the code i had in front of me.
i get frustrated when i just don't get it, regardless of what i do.. every now and then i think life could not be better, and then there are the times that i don't know where to turn for help…

each and every time something happens to change the paradigm. to make me find another way of thinking.
i've almost come to expect it.

its happened again. when i thought i couldn't find anything within, i've been shown a place to find everything.

its the same with everything, its all right there in front of us.

we just have to look.


One thought on “out of sight

  1. I understand you so well for I have many times like you described…thinking I can not find it within and then finding it but lately it has become more difficult for me to find it…whatever it might be that I am searching for

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