talk of random..


for once, i have a lot of topics ranging about in my head, and have to choose which i want to go for. a real deluge.

for starters, we'll have trine's meme, she tagged me a coupla days ago.. and besides, i've never done this before.

wow. i'm doing a meme. i was supposed to do those. i wonder where that idea went?

at any rate:
1. Total volume of music files on my computer?
zero. numerically, 0.
having an mp3 player means that you use it 😉

  1. The last CD I bought was?
    about 3 years ago – south indian classical fusion music – taka dhimi taka jumu.

  2. Song playing right now:
    REM – man on the moon.

  3. Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):

  • seal – kiss from a rose.
    the first time i heard it, i knew it would always be my theme.
  • u2 – with or without you.
    a bit of history here – it was heard during a wait. for a person's answer. never lost its meaning since.
  • alanis morrissette – ironic.
    and i was sold on alanis. 'ten thousand spoons, and all you need is a knife.'
  • pink floyd – comfortably numb.
    do i really have to ? the classic. for anyone who's ever known psychedelia.
  • a.r.rahman – ennavale (kadhalan).
    its a random rahman choice. its either this or 'narimuganae' (iruvar). i hum them all the time too. very irritating.
  1. Which people are you passing this baton to, and why?
    one problem is that i don't know how many people read this place anymore. the stats are highly misleading.

we'll have riri, coz well, i think she should.
i'll also go for sol, coz i know she enjoys memes.
and finally marie b., coz she's the cool chick.

hell, you guys may be in for a tough time, i'm thinking of posting twice today.


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