you’re in for it now..


interesting, i’m actually doing as i said i would.

who would have thought it ?
however, criticism is not forthcoming. i’m going to do the egoistic thing here, and assume that you really love my stories, and you can’t find a single fault with them.
in fact, you think i should be nominated for the booker.

yeah right.

regardless of the shit i’m writing above, the update to my fiction is here – The Day After Tomorrow.

this one was for some competition, didn’t win the prize, but embodies the kind of writing that i try for. that i don’t achieve it, is a different matter. its the style i mean here.
what a hope.

as always, non-existent criticism can be left here.

now that is a shitty statement.


3 thoughts on “you’re in for it now..

  1. You tried and maybe, though I liked your story, for the sake of the competition you did try and that tends to require a strong backbone. Something I clearly lack when it comes to writing any more. So, keep on writing and keep on trying and you will get there. However, we are our own worst critics.. eh??

  2. Rohit

    Hey man, satish. Sorry about the not commenting before; somehow, I just didn’t. I think your first story was very good; nice use of humor and of course, who can resist irresistable women (even if they are dummies). The Day After Tomorrow just lost me; It seemed interesting but then got a little vague. I’ll try reading it again.

  3. Sorry you did not win the competition but then again you just might have for winning is not always what it is about. You have made the progress you were wanting to in some ways…growth has taken within you, my friend so I say Congratulations. You were the one, I most thought would understand what I wrote today if anyone did and you did know what I was saying in some ways…Thank you for always visiting and commenting but most of all for being my friend. I miss you Sev

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