welcome to a new world


it is amazing how one evolves, how the thinking changes..
how life goes on.

a plateau of sorts has finally been reached by me, and i have a domain all to my own.

this is definitely the home of staying.cool for the forseeable future now, thanks to ukhost4u, and the cyberjunkie – a new form of collaboration will happen.

many things have happened to me in the last few weeks… not all good; not all great. enough changes have happened in my head – i wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

watch this space, the world has lost its axis – it’s gone for a toss; i don’t think its coming back.




6 thoughts on “welcome to a new world

  1. You have a neat templete, thanks for the note regarding your change. I hope you enjoe using WordPress as much as I do. Sorry that you have had so much going on these last few weeks and some were not so good. You know I am here for you. Take care for you are a very special one to me, my friend.

  2. lovely – both domain name and template.

    (i can’t remember if i’d yet to reply to any comments you left – thunderbird lost all of my saved messages, so i can’t reply to anyone.)

  3. Very nice, very pretty (and handsome :P) – much better than the previous templates :)..
    Didn’t know u & Anna were soo much in touch…

    ah well, two RAITians in a foreign country together.. what would you expect ?

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