every once in a while why is it that one gets the feeling that one is all alone ?

that everyone around, that all the people who seem to be there, aren’t really there ? that regardless of everything you do, no-one seems to want to understand what is going on in your own head ? that even in a crowd, even in a group of your closest friends, you feel like you are alone in a cocoon of your own – and everyone else is in theirs as well ?
even when you’re in company, you are solitary.

some journeys shouldn’t have to be made alone.

sometimes, you just wish you weren’t.



4 thoughts on “solo

  1. That is cause you expect people to behave, in a way that would make you feel you arent alone.Expectation is the root cause of sadness. We are all alone, and we will always be so, no matter how close we consider people to be to us. Secondly,The way you think is different, and very few people I know think this way.. I am not surprised you feel alone, since I know what is wrong. Its tough for people to empathize, even if they were your closest pals..take a break.. do what you are good at..time will find a solution..

  2. Sabah

    we always have a habit to paint an image of events as we want them… sadly for us people, we can only wish but not shape time… we want people to understand what is in our head and at what time we want them to be beside… those are purely psychedelic and its very rare to find someone who would read our mind… time teaches… while some wounds bury themselves others just surface from time to time… feeling lonely isnt abnormal…in actuality we all are but if we look around there will always b someone who’ll b there; even if its the most unexpected of them all!!!!

  3. Some people are like an island unto themselves, floating away from the mainland.

    Also Satish, you have just been tagged. It’s a book-oriented tag, so don’t spam me out 😛

  4. You know, you’re not alone in this “island” of yours. There are probably a lot of people you know, who are with you. You’re just looking in a different direction. Sometimes, I myself tend to think the exact same things that you’ve written. Let me assure you that how much ever alone you feel, whatever anyone may say, I’m always by your side. I think I’ve already quoted this before: all you have to do is turn around. And I agree with Cyberjunkie 100% even if some of it doesn’t entirely apply to you. That’s some good advice. Why don’t you just give it a try? Or should I say, give it time…..

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