gimme a break


thanks to rohit, you’re now enjoying this one..

total number of books i own – I stopped counting at age 10. and its really grown since then. even here in aberdeen, i’ve accumulated 20 books in the last 3 months. that was after i got tired of the local library.
that was a little boastful 😛

the last book i bought – ‘digital fortress’ by dan brown. gotta love the offers at asda.

last book i read‘the judge’ by steve martini. a decent book, recommended by sabah. somehow, first person detectice/lawyer novels lose some appeal.

realised that i read another after that one.. one i kinda lost track of coz of the latest on the smorgasboard.
anyway, the actual last book i read was ‘good omens’ by teri pratchett and neil gaiman. amazing fun, very irreverent; and basically, a good read 🙂

five books that mean a lot to me
there are many more, lets go for a random selection.

  • the deceiver
  • the book that got me hooked onto frederick forsythe. at the age of 10. classic stuff.

  • the malory towers series
  • the first time i read this series from enid blyton, i knew a world that i would never lose. still read this book, every now and then. just to remind me what simple words can do.

  • zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
  • there are enouugh layers to this one, for 3 phds. if you can actually understand everything you read here, nirvana is a cinch.

  • the dilbert future/the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
  • i know thats cheating, but both books fall under the same ideology : that anything’s possible.

  • sherlock holmes
  • pure, logical thinking. as dictated by the great sherlock. if only i could do that.

books that make you cringe
interesting, but not too many books fall into this category. i guess i’m a classic bibliophile – i love all books, of any kind.
i’ll update if any occur to mind, though i doubt it.
at least not to ‘cringe’ level.

and now, i’d be passing it on to
for one, riri – she didn’t do the earlier one though 😦
kriti – coz she has nothing better to do 😉
and also, jeni – she should have been my first choice 😛

on an unrelated note…
the cyberjunkie and i were talking yesterday. and came across this.
my only take : i knew imbecility was taking over as the latest fashion..



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