some beautiful posts..


another one of those kind of posts i never do.. what is happening ?

seeing this first thing today morning was a great feeling.. trine has written one of the classiest posts i’ve read in a long time, something in here for everyone.. and you can’t help but smile at the spirit behind the post. its also her blog anniversary – so congrats to her for that !

then, of course, another person whose post really touched me was sol’s. toys are one thing i can never get enough of.. i can’t hardly wait for the time when i can start buying them again.
so that i can play. 🙂
no, i’m not kidding.

greg always manages to touch a part of me that i keep hidden away, but this post was especially striking. i don’t know about you, but there is an underlying feeling here.. and i’ll stick with my usual understatement, and leave you to figure it out.

while i’m at it, i will also toff my hat to LE for something that i won’t forget for a while. its these kind of things that really make you want to make everyone realise how closely connected we all are.
and how rarely we realise it.

there are recent posts by mango, jeni, gamecoder and marie that are worth a look too.. but for these people; and all of the others on my blogroll.. they always write well.. that’s the only reason i read them.
all i can say to them is:
jeez, i really am getting sentimental nowadays..

yeah, and the CSS styling for this theme is amazing.. i discovered the ‘update’ featureset. i’ve now set up a reply featureset for comments, so you’ll find replies to some of them at the same spot.
we’ll get back to our regular transmission. when i get some work done.

also have managed to make all links work directly in the main menu.. no more unnecessary 404 errors 🙂 alls looking good.. maybe i should look around for another theme.
or design one for myself.
yeah. right.

on another unrelated note:
have got a little frustrated with bloglines late response time in checking RSS feeds – thats the only way i ever stay up-to-date with everything you guys have to say. am currently testing out 2 plugins for mozilla – sage and habari xenu… sage is looking good so far. now why didn’t i think of this earlier ?

4 thoughts on “some beautiful posts..

  1. Thank you for including me. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for those toys. We should all remember to take time to play, laugh and dream.

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