a thought..


whose life is it that we lead ?

is it our parents’ vision of what should be happening in our lives ?
or what the people close to us believe we should do ?
or what the people we love want us to do ?
or what has been “foretold” for us ?

is it ever what we want to do ?

how do we know this last has not been shaped by what all the above tell us ?

or is it all just a massive joke, where nothing happens unless it is supposed to happen?
if it is, i’m not laughing.


10 thoughts on “a thought..

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  2. I think it is a combination of all of it.

    I had once thought parent’s had quite an influence on our lives. Maybe they do even if in defiance of trying to prove yourself you do the total opposite of the direction they guide you.

    I do KNOW, I’ve fallen to this and in turn watched different children of mine do the same… as my own mother said, “Misery loves company.” You can have a “friend” and if you aren’t careful that so called friend can and will bring you down with him. On the other hand you might have friends that want the best for you.

    Of course your loved ones have their own influence as you all bounce off of each other, changing or compromising, even standing your ground as needed to make each relationship work.

    But in the end, nobody can make you do anything you don’t want to… so perhaps no matter the outside influences it is ultimately you that decides.

    indeed it is a combination, as we are a combination of our parents, our friends, our surroundings.
    my question – now that i think about it – was more along the lines of ‘where are we in all this ?’
    we do decide.. but our decision is one that is best for us, as well as those around us. i know this is unavoidable.. & i think this is best explained in another post.
    thanks for putting things in perspective again 🙂

  3. Sometimes I wonder if life just happens.

    Sometimes it feels like it is a large wave that carries us along.

    We decide to swim here and there, but the current always carries us to unexpected places while we seek to swim in a certain direction.

    thats a pretty good analogy.. there is a path, and yet there is no path.
    the question is as always: does it ever lead anywhere ?

  4. As a friend once said, “If the world is a joke, I must be God…”
    he could very well be, if you ask me…:)

    he could.. assuming that God is the being who makes all the difference.
    however, if we’re the ones.. then not even God can help us.

  5. The victim of a practical joke seldom finds it funny.

    one could find it funny, and dismiss it as not worth the thought.
    one could try to understand it.. and go mad.
    one could accept it, and accept it’ll be played forever.
    yeah, i know.. that sounded too shitty 😛

  6. guess who?

    You are leading your own life but at times we have to do lots of sacrifices whether we like it or not. And most of the time these demands come from your own parents. May be because they are the people who have brought you in this world.And after much more sacrifices they make your life successful.May be because of this they become more possessive.
    They know you better than you. They know what is in store for you in your future.So once in a while you have to obey as long as their demands are correct or it will be good for your future. You will go long way in your life by keeping them happy.After all they your parents keep them happy.Some SACRIFICES are worth.

    Take life easy and enjoy. Your parents are with you all the time. You are their child first.

    i think i know who 🙂
    first off, i don’t think any of us know what is in store for any of us.
    obeying one’s elders is a great thing in principle.. but when a request/demand is crappy, or causes more harm than good, does one still listen ? giving it the name of sacrifice is euphemizing the idea behind it. one has but one life.. and has some dreams for it – can all these be “sacrificed” at the altar of keeping people happy ?
    and remember, any parents happiness is in their child’s happiness. would they be happy if the child isn’t ? ever ?

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